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Seven Steps to Protect Your Control System

Ensuring the resilience of safety and mission-critical industrial control systems from security threats is vital to ensuring a utility’s future.

Utililty CIO: This is Your Life

Just the title itself sounds stuffy: chief information officer. It conjures up mental images of men in blue suits sitting about smoking cigars and talking standards in clipped, articulate abbreviations.

CPS Energy Creates an Energized Mobility Strategy

Many organizations in the public sector have turned to mobile computing to improve the efficiency of their workforce.

Making the Most of Meter Data

Advanced metering lets utilities connect with customers in ways that were impossible a few years ago.

Infrared Imaging as a Secondary Inspection for Remotely Monitored Electrical Vaults

Imagine your typical substation: filled with transformers, above ground, easy to monitor and inspect as needed.

Safety: Just Common Sense?

If safety were simple, there would be no need for all the books, company handbooks, meetings and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards devoted to the subject.

Growing Role for Demand Response in ISO Operations

In recent years, demand response (DR) has been going through an evolution that far outpaces the original demand side management (DSM) activities of the 1980s and 1990s.

New Products

The 725B combined annunciator and event recorder brings together many years of development in alarm technology.

GRIDWEEK Descends on D.C.

Regulators, vendors, utility representatives and the generally smart grid curious took over the lower portion of the Ronald Reagan building in Washington, D.C. Sept. 22-25 to discuss the ins and outs of making our T&D system more communicative and self-healing.

Navigating Uncharted Waters

The global financial crisis is dominating the news. While I would like to completely ignore it, I just haven’t been able to do so.