Managing the Advanced Metering Lifecycle

A number of utility advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) initiatives are in various phases of evaluation, vendor selection, deployment and management.

Getting Equipped: SaskPower Uses Dynamic Rating to Increase Line Capacity

SaskPower has been able to increase the power capacity of a 72-kV overhead line serving a potash mine in Tantallon, Saskatchewan, by installing a real-time rating system.

The New Breeds of HVDC

Since its commercial introduction in the 1950s, high-voltage direct current (HVDC) systems have proved themselves as a viable alternative to alternating current systems for the bulk transmission of electric power.

Deputizing Data: Using AMI for Revenue Protection

For almost as long as utilities have been installing automated meter reading, revenue assurance professionals have mourned the loss of “eyes and ears in the field.

NERC CIP for Substations: What Now, What Later?

Substation cyber security is getting a lot of attention these days. Until recently, one might imagine a utility manager saying something like, “I have too many greater worries; it would take an act of Congress to get me to invest time and money in substation cyber security.

HVDC and FACTS Go Global

Electric power supply is essential for the survival of society, like the blood in the body.

New Products

Hendrix Wire & Cable offers a complete product portfolio for the wind power industry.

Africa’s Electricity can’t Match its Economy

You can’t make a product without power. As Africa’s economy expands exponentially—and its generation and grid fail to keep up—that statement, though obvious, is being proved repeatedly with real-world examples.

How “Recession-Proof” are Utilities?

While economists and the government bicker about whether we are or are not in an actual, literal “recession,” just about every American is feeling the pinch.