Satisfying Customer Expectations through your Mobile Workforce

You promised the boss you’d attend that 11:00 meeting. But, the plumber who said he’d be at your home by 9:00 is more than an hour and a half late.

Flying High withAEP

I got the call that the weather would work to fly the next day as I left an evening showing of “Iron Man” around 9 p.m. with a friend.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure: The International Perspective

Smart metering, also referred to as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), is one piece of the puzzle in developing smart grids.

JCP&L Improves SAIDI with SCADA-controlled Adaptive Relay Scheme

In 2005, Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), a subsidiary of Akron, Ohio-based FirstEnergy Corp., initiated a project to identify protection system improvements that could be made to proactively combat sustained power outages resulting from wind- and lightning-related weather events.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure: The Rural Co-op Perspective

Many of the drivers for implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) are no different from initiatives put in place by successful companies throughout the globe: improving operational efficiencies, decreasing liabilities, controlling costs, optimizing the workload on personnel, increasing customer satisfaction, creating a library of actionable information, improving cash flow, etc.

Superconductor Cables: Advanced Capabilities for the Smart Grid

The need to make major improvements in the nation’s power grid is widely recognized, with Title XIII of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 providing the needed legislative and political support for a “smart grid.

New Products

Operation Technology Inc. (OTI), developer of the ETAP enterprise solution for electrical power systems, has released ETAP 6.0, which incorporates a robust set of new features and enhancements, including new analysis modules, time-saving capabilities, and faster processing time.


A new public-private collaboration is exploring how smart grid technology may bring the people of Illinois more reliable electric service and a cleaner environment, while holding down costs of electric services.

Do Ancient Nuns Dream Electric Dreams?

During my week in Milan for POWERGRID Europe 2008, I spent any extra moments in my room on the balcony, eyeing the ornate Italian convent across the street.