The Smart Grid and the Evolution of Network Management

In North America, electric utilities have long managed their distribution networks using various applications with distinctly different spheres of responsibility.

Interoperable: More Than Just Communications

Common Information Model (CIM) 61850, 61970 and DNP3i may be what most utility industry people imagine when they think of interoperable communications.

The Evolution of Demand Response

Utilities have an exciting value proposition they can bring to customers: Sign up for a smart thermostat program and a professional installer will put a new thermostat in your home.

Demand Response Case Study: University of Maryland Reduces Consumption by 20 Million kWh

In 2006, the State of Maryland adopted legislation for the reduction of energy consumption throughout state buildings—the State Buildings Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act—geared to reduce energy consumption by 5 percent in 2009 and 10 percent by 2010 (see sidebar).

Smart talk Directly from the DOE

For this New Year’s issue of UAE, we’re talking a lot about the smart grid—how to define it, how to develop it, what the future holds.

Illinois Smart Grid Work Advances at National, State Levels

If someone teleported from the 1950s to today, the technological changes would astound them.

Online GIS Brings Stability, Security and Safety to the Field

Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO), the nation’s first ever transmission-only company, imports and transmits power to Vermont’s 20 electric-distribution utility companies.

10 Hurdles to Smart Grid.

If the electrical grid is to become smart, utilities will require education. As in most of our individual experiences with the educational process, there are a few hurdles to obtaining an education, not all of them as part of track and field.

Grid Expectations: Do PHEVs Need a Benefactor?

When Chevrolet announced plans to offer a $30,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) called the Volt to consumers by 2010, U.S. utilities began thinking about readying the grid.

D-TECH Sparks Collaboration

Running Feb. 3-5 at the San Diego Convention Center, DistribuTECH 2009 encompasses automation and control systems, IT, T&D engineering, power delivery equipment and water utility technology.