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IP-based Standards Support Future Smart Grid

President Barack Obama’s 2009 stimulus package reserved $4.5 billion for smart grid spending. The much-hyped future smart grid will provide reliability, stability and practicality. But what makes a smart grid smart?

New Products

The LLS-I (72kV and below) is an ideal attachment for vertical break switches, adding the capability for breaking full load current (2,000 amperes), line charging currents (300 amperes), and loop splitting currents (2,000 amperes). The single gap SF6 interrupter design with pressure gauge provides increased performance and reliability over multiple gap vacuum devices.

STATCOMs Benefit From Renewables Explosion, Need for Grid Stability

Commonly called STATCOMs, static synchronous compensators were introduced in the 1990s as a way to help electric arc furnaces and steel processing facilities mitigate voltage flicker and other power quality problems.

The Importance of Energy Storage for System Regulation

Carbon taxes or caps, higher oil and natural gas prices, worries over oil availability and increased fuel switching are increasing the penetration of renewable generation resources into our transmission and distribution networks.

California Dreamin’ of Smart Grid

In February 2009, the California Energy Commission (CEC) issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) to “define the pathway to the California smart grid of 2020.” As stated in the RFP, among the challenges that California electric utilities will face are systems interoperability, communications and common information model standards, implementation schedules, well-defined interfaces and adapters to legacy systems. To a systems integrator, this sounds like the startup checklist to any project. To an electric utility, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Sinai Opens Door on Broadband Smart Grid Communication

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is serious about the smart grid. It hired Nick Sinai, a former venture capitalist, to fill the new energy and environment director position.

Dynamic Pricing & Customer Behavior

The idea of providing electric customers with dynamic pricing information as a way of reducing peak demand is gaining traction as utilities begin looking for new ways to become more reliable and efficient.

The Smart Grid Takes Shape

The nation’s smart grid is taking shape, and the world is watching. With a critical, $4.5 billion jump start in 2009 stimulus funding from the federal government for demonstration projects, the United States’ smart grid is gathering form. The concept has been discussed for years, but today leaders from across communications, information technology (IT) and energy have joined to capitalize on the momentum to make the electric utility infrastructure more reliable, more flexible, more efficient … in a word, smarter.

Will Smart Grid Take Over the World? – Part 2

Japanese pop culture fanatics know that the correct English pronunciation of Godzilla is Gojira (go-jeer-a), because it’s a play on a particular combination: the Japanese version of the English word for gorilla (gorira) and the actual Japanese term for whale (kujira).

The Changing Face of the Indian Subcontinent

Unlike the recent decline in private investments into power production and distribution because of slow power sector reforms in other countries, the central Asian power sector has been fueled by a different kind of energy. This has triggered long-term opportunities for international power investors and greater investment returns in emerging markets. In India, especially over the past decade, power sector reforms have progressed significantly.