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Using Filters to Demonstrate Physical Representations of Negative Sequence Components

Engineers typically view symmetrical components as a mathematical machination to transform unbalanced vectors into sets of balanced vectors. This article relates symmetrical components to physical concepts encountered in power system operations.

February Conference Focuses on Improving Overhead Distribution Reliability & Smart Grid Readiness

Improving Smart Grid readiness, overhead distribution reliability, and the emergence of predictive technologies will be the focus of an important utility conference taking place in Columbus, Ohio, February 9-11 of 2010.

Going Beyond Compliance: Taking the Next Step in Security

When it comes to the electric utilities industry, regulatory compliance is more than a goal for information technology departments; it’s the lifeline of the organization.

New Year’s Resolutions for Transmission Siting in the Western United States

The electric transmission system in the western United States needs to be upgraded and expanded. Existing transmission in the West was built primarily to move power within local utility systems and to connect neighboring utilities to increase reliability.

The ZigBee Alliance Wants to Leave a MARK

The smart grid push continues past the power plant, down the wires and into consumer homes. In a perfect future, consumers will recognize smart grid-compliant products like they recognize Energy Star and Wi-Fi symbols. (Energy Star features a star, and Wi-Fi is that little radiating stick.)

Leveraging Software for the Smart Grid Transition

Utility missions are changing. Once, they focused on delivering reasonably priced power. Now, their missions are evolving to encompass sustainable use and environmental improvement.

Where is theSmartGrid’s KILLER App?

First of all, what exactly is a killer app? The notion was popularized in the book “Unleashing the Killer App” by Larry Downes and Chunka Mui, and now killer apps are sought in markets as diverse as computers and board games. Companies launching new products hope to unleash killer apps because they need people to buy their products to do something killer with them—something new, useful, time-saving, money-making, popular or just fun. Many times, the perception is that without a killer app, your concept is dead on arrival.

Societal, Environmental Benefits in the Smart Meter and Smart Grid Business Case

The importance of appropriately valuing societal benefits such as environmental quality in economic decisions has increased in recent years as the impact of human activity on the world’s environment becomes better understood. While environmental issues have long been important considerations in the utility industry, there is a greater understanding among the key stakeholder groups—utility customers, legislators and regulatory agencies and utilities, themselves—that environmental stewardship and corporate citizenship are important goals. Yet attempts to value these benefits are difficult.

New Products

HD Electric Co.’s TAG voltage detectors are designed to detect voltage on distribution and transmission systems. When in direct contact with an energized conductor, the TAG emits an audible and visual alarm to clearly warn the user if the conductor is energized. Unlike proximity type detectors, TAG voltage detectors will not give false indications due to nearby energized conductors.

Chilean Energy Oversight Agency Chooses Telvent

Chile’s Superintendence of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) will use Telvent’s ArcFM geographic information system (GIS), Telvent’s smart grid GIS solution, to help streamline its oversight duties of the country’s electric distribution networks.