DNP vs. IEC: Skirmish in the Substation

Communications for the utility set parallels the amorphous smart grid in one significant manner: It’s a lot of tech, hardware, software and details all under a big, generic umbrella term.

How Utilities Integrate Wind Energy

The U.S. wind energy industry in 2008 shattered previous records by installing 8,435 MW of new generating capacity (generating enough electricity during a year to serve more than 2 million homes), making wind power a mainstream generating technology for electricity.

NERC CIP & Smart Grid: How do they Fit Together?

On the surface, North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) cybersecurity standards and the implementation of the smart grid appear to be complementary and interrelated.

The Place of Metering in Utility Strategy

Advanced-metering infrastructure (AMI) helps utilities respond to emerging customer and community needs.

Communications Case Study: Dairyland Power

Advancements in products that leverage converging technologies have created significant opportunities throughout the power systems industry.

Bridging the Gap Between Office & Field

Amid uncertain economic times, all enterprises are analyzing expenditures to gain the most value for money spent.

PowerGrid Europe – Convenes in Cologne

The 2009 POWERGRID Europe conference and exhibition is focused on meeting the energy challenge that utilities, vendors, consumers and regulators face as Europe struggles to interconnect and upgrade electric infrastructure.

Rich Multipurpose Substation Automation Using Utility-hardened Ethernet

The campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology is a mixture of residential, research, institutional and industrial environments.


Protect smart grid communications networks with Positron’s adaptive 56 K digital data signal Total Reach Interface Card.

POWERGRID Europe Brings UAE Expertise to the Continent

As the cultural sun of a very modern 18th century dawned in Germany, a young man traveled from the green hills of Italy to establish a new home in Cologne.