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Improving the Smart Grid’s IQ

Imagine opening Microsoft Outlook to write a critical e-mail to your customers. You’re pressed for time. You quickly type your note. You hit send. Before your e-mail flies, though, up pops the spell checker highlighting a mistake. You choose the correct spelling of the word from a list and tap the change button. To your surprise, Outlook takes up to an hour to correct the word and e-mail your note.

New Products

Voice Print International Inc. (VPI) announced the successful integration of its VPI Capture recording technology with Avtec’s Scout voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) console system for streamlined, software-only recording. The certified integration of VPI Capture with Avtec’s Scout console system results in the capture of IP traffic directly from the console system. This direct recording integration results in the capture of the entire voice transmission. VPI’s recording method captures transmission streams via certified direct integration, eliminating the need for spanning ports or managed switches. This efficient integration approach saves hardware resources, expedites implementation and captures all audio files in a standard, Microsoft-native WAV format for simplified file management.

Resisting Temptation: the Seven Sins of Smart Grid

The emerging smart grid encompasses more technology, costs and complexity than the traditional utility distribution network. Smart grids will enable utility companies to anticipate and shape consumer demand for electrical power and optimize their own power delivery and reliability.

Composite Poles Offer Customized Solutions for Midwest Utility

By some estimates there are more than 150 million U.S. utility poles carrying hundreds of millions of miles of electrified lines. For utilities, maintenance, replacement and installations of new lines and poles offer many challenges that cannot always be solved using existing methods, architecture or equipment.

Energy Efficiency and the Smart Grid

The current smart grid environment focuses on energy efficiency. The global consciousness recognizes the need to conserve energy as natural resources continue to deplete. To understand how the smart grid can maximize energy efficiency, one must analyze how each conservation tactic relates to a particular grid component.

Asset Management Will Evolve in Age of Smart Grid

Utilities are focused on managing assets, and most utilities use software applications and business processes for this purpose. With the smart grid era approaching, new types of assets are being added, and the definition of critical assets is expanding. Meanwhile, the need to optimize asset utilization is driving changes in design and maintenance activities.

Powering the Smart Meter Promise

The reviews are in, and they are less than stellar.“Electricity customers in for shock,” the Toronto Sun reported.“Smart meters will be a shock for users,” explained The Age in Melbourne, Australia.In the U.S., The New York Times published, “Consumers argue that the meters are logging far more kilowatt-hours than they believe they are using.”

Hardened Infrastructure for Distribution Automation

If the smart grid is to manage capital equipment, power network load, distribution efficiency and fault prevention and isolation efficiently, then the communication networks that support these goals must be designed for continuous uptime and long life.

Five Ways to Avoid a Smart Grid Bad Hair Day

The smart grid transition is underway. Utilities are reporting remarkable progress, but all is not well when it comes to consumers and smart meters.

Where the Standards are

Perhaps a throwback to the 1960 Connie Francis flick “Where the Boys Are” is an odd, esoteric way to begin an article about power standards, but the parallels made it bubble to the surface.