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Autovation Trumpets Communication, Collaboration

The buzzword Sept. 12-15 at Utilimetrics’ Autovation 2010 in Austin, Texas, was communication in its technical automation form, with customers and among vendors.

Is Smart Grid Answer to GHG?

For two or three years, I, like many others in the industry, have waited for Congress to pass energy legislation, including either cap and trade or carbon taxes. Anticipation of such legislation has been credited with propelling smart grid build out and a law likely would propel it farther. In summer 2009, the Waxman-Markey bill made it through the House of Representatives, but the Senate failed to pass it within one year, which is required for a bill to become law. As I write this editorial, midterm elections are days away and several races are too tight to predict. From an energy legislation standpoint, most experts don’t believe it matters if Democrats retain control of the House or if they lose the majority to Republicans. Either way, the 112th Congress is not likely to pass an energy bill addressing carbon limits. A small bill including energy efficiency and clean technologies incentives is more likely.