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Effective Customer Communications for Smart Tariff, Metering Programs

The utility industry is reaching an inflexion point in smart tariff and metering initiatives' development, and enhanced customer communications will be vital to the programs' successes.

Back-to-back Blackouts Teach Staffing Lessons

In the last few weeks, both American coasts have dealt with major power outages. The East Coast faced off against Hurricane Irene, and the West Coast had a technology snafu of major proportions.

Protocols Driving Smart Grid Interoperability

Efforts are underway to create a smarter grid by adding intelligence to the electrical infrastructure. According to calculations by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the electrical grid consists of 10,000 generating units with a generation capacity in excess of 1 million MW and more than 300,000 miles of transmission lines.

Utilities Dig Out After Irene

As President Barack Obama warned that full recovery from Hurricane Irene's after-effects would take time, utilities, field crews and plant operators worked to restore power to East Coast residents.

Pre-paid Metering: AMI’s Killer App

People around the world routinely pay for goods and services in advance. From credit cards to phones to public transit, "prepay" is a part of many people's lives.

Event Recorder

Cyber Sciences has new capabilities in its line of CyTime sequence of events recorders, model SER-3200, for power and automation systems. The version 1.10 update, available to existing customers for free download, adds automatic time sync with an NTP network time server and other enhancements requested by customers.

Introduction to Model-based Volt/VAR Optimization

Emphasis on implementing energy efficiency programs and limiting peak-demand growth has renewed interest in the most effective method to implement volt/VAR control on distribution systems.

Developing Model-based Microgrids

Microgrid systems attract interest due to enhanced reliability and self-reliance. From technical and economic perspectives, microgrid development poses challenges and opportunities. Integrating system management makes it possible to realize smart operation—to maximize system efficiency and security while lowering operational costs.

Deciphering the Electric Bill to Save Energy, Money

People pay little attention to electricity meters. The monthly bill comes and goes. As long as there is not a noticeable rise, the use details are not interesting to consumers. With a little help from utility companies, however, consumers can learn to decipher bills, save money and be more energy-conscious.

Turning GPS into Location Intelligence

The utility industry quickly adopted location intelligence technologies, including global positioning system-based (GPS-based) fleet management, routing/navigation and work order management software applications.