Why the Energy Revolution Must be Localized

Much of the media focus on smart appliances considers their performance as demand response resources, either through dynamic response or through demand response. There is a limited population of these appliances in the market, but many smart grid technology companies have been considering the impact of larger numbers particularly when placed alongside electric vehicles (EVs), which from the grid’s perspective behave like large, power-hungry appliances with built-in storage capacity.


Energy Control Product Milbank, an industry leader in meter mounting equipment and enclosures, wind turbines and diesel generator sets for the U.S. market and Sentec, the smart grid experts, have a new energy control product,...

The Smart Grid’s Singular Security Challenge

The cybersecurity posture required in traditional enterprise business systems does not differ substantially from vertical market to vertical market. Why, then, does it have to be different for electric utilities in the smart grid age?

Selling Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector

During the past few years, the number of new utility and state-run energy efficiency promotion programs has increased significantly, and existing ones have grown rapidly.

Coordinating the Smart Grid’s New Phase of Global Implementation

The global smart grid movement has entered a third phase of development. The past few years the world has leapt toward a next-generation, demand-responsive facility for power generation and distribution that reduces carbon footprint and long-term costs alike.

Hedging Utility Customer Service against Disaster

Current technology allows bad news to travel faster than ever before. If a company’s actions upset a customer, that customer can blog, Tweet, Facebook or use one of the hundreds of different social media channels to convey his frustration to thousands of contacts.

Case Study on PLC Technology at E.ON

Exactly what constitutes a smart grid continues to be debated in the industry. Some take a narrow view, limiting the scope of the smart grid to a few applications..

Solutions for Integrating PV into the Grid

Solar power’s role in the global power generation portfolio is growing year over year largely because solar generation increasingly makes economic sense.

Cables Are so Brilliant They’re Boring

Cables remain a singular mainstay of power transmission and distribution. Even though Nikola Tesla toyed with massive power transfer through the bare air at the turn of the previous century, the infrastructure of pylons, poles, insulators and cables still dominates electric delivery today.

Network Infrastructure Considerations for Smart Grid Strategies

Key smart grid components include remote control and automation, two-way communications and enhanced information technology targeted to both utilities and their customers. In addition to upgrading and hardening the power utility infrastructure, the smart grid is designed to help consumers and power companies make smarter decisions about how they use power.