Communication Networks: The Missing Link With Smart Grids

Making the power grid a smart grid will encompass vast changes to infrastructure (communications, applications, endpoint devices), operations (centralized monitoring and control, outage management, video security) and customer relations (home devices, power usage, behavior programs).

Current Testing

The CT Analyzer provides fast, cost-efficient testing and verification of current transformers for protection and metering applications. As a new measurement function for the CT Analyzer, the RemAlyzer allows current transformers to be tested for residual magnetism.

New Wave of Direct Load Control Update on DLC Systems, Technology

Much has changed with utility-sponsored load control systems that use direct load control (DLC). DLC is a utility-sponsored demand-side management program where customer participation in the program is voluntary, but participation in load control events is not—even though most programs offer ways to opt out of control for specific needs. The control imposed on participating appliances is chosen by the customer when he or she volunteers for the program, and it cannot be changed during a control event.

Energy-efficient Lighting’s Impact on Peak Load, Losses

The penetration of new load types has increased in the past few years and is expected to increase further. Some new load types such as compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs) and appliances with variable speed drives (VSDs) are generally more energy-efficient and, therefore, are expected to reduce overall consumption and peak demand.

Customer and Community Engagement Building the Framework to Accelerate Smart Grid Benefits

Successful businesses aren't based upon the best technologies. They're neither based upon the most efficient operations, nor are they based upon the best customer service. Successful businesses are based on all of these factors, especially in the utility industry.

Smart Grid Means Big Change, Power Quality Doesn’t Have To

The globally intensifying smart grid rollout calls on utilities to operate differently, but distribution engineering is undergoing the most significant transformation. Instead of receiving power from a few large-scale generators or the transmission grid, the smart grid envisions power flowing in different directions.

Energy Storage and the Smart Grid

As the electrical grid is integrated with more renewable energy sources, energy storage will be instrumental for microgrids and smart grids.

As Seasoned Utility Staff Retire, Will They Take Wisdom With Them?

When I ran an electric utility operations division, one of my favorite employees was a guy named Stanley. Stanley started as a line worker. He climbed poles, became a foreman and then a supervisor. Finally, Stanley managed all the crews in the region. I remember how Stanley worked.

Advancing International Smart Grid Standards Collaboration

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) governing board is accelerating progress toward international smart grid interoperability standards collaboration.

AEP Talks ENERGYStorage

Discussions about the smart grid pervade this industry. It's white noise; it's the utopia on the horizon. Details, however, must be put into place before any version of that utopia can be realized.