Mulling Infrastructure Efficiency, Service Management

The foundations for most of the U.S.' current urban infrastructures were established in the last two centuries and need significant maintenance and upgrades.

Test Cables

Omicron has developed test cables to simplify testing of distribution reclosers and sectionalizers, including their controllers and switches, for use with the CMC 356/256 test sets. Each recloser and sectionalizer contains a switch and a controller connected via a control cable provided by the device manufacturer.

Developing Microgrid Systems Using Model-based Design

Microgrid systems attract interest due to enhanced reliability, and self-reliance. From technical and economic perspectives, microgrid development poses challenges and opportunities. Integrating system management makes it possible to realize smart operation—to maximize system efficiency and security while lowering operational costs.

Mobilizing the Shadow Smart Grid

Over several decades, electric utilities have installed hundreds of thousands of devices that monitor the vital signs of their transmission and distribution systems. The proliferation of detailed information about voltage, current and other system parameters can tell utilities a lot about the stability and efficiency of their transmission and distribution networks.

Mitigating Arc Flash Hazards

Arc flash studies are a valuable part of implementing a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E program. Putting arc flash labels on electrical equipment, however, is not the only step needed to protect electrical workers.

System Automation Drives Need for Data Acquisition

For more than two decades, electric power system automation has been undergoing a slow but steady transformation. In the 1980s and 1990s, the most significant issues were rooted in technology changes.

Addressing the Big Data Concern in the Utilities Sector

It is a time of great change and transition for the electric utilities industry—an evolving regulatory environment, a push toward renewable energy sources, the advent of smart meter and grid technologies, and the potential of competition drive uncertainty.

Denmark Case Study: Improving Grid Efficiency

The smart grid is an energy network that provides intelligence about the grid, not just the meters. Everything that draws power from or contributes power to the grid is part of the smart grid.

Making Sense of Meter Data–Plunging Into Business Analytics

As of spring, IDC Energy Insights estimates more than 21 million meters are installed at the top 80 U.S. utilities. Thirty-one of these utilities have plans for full deployment, which will bring the number of smart meters to more than 50 million during the next few years.

Measuring Smart Distribution

Distribution system operators once lacked visibility of the electrical conditions on distribution feeders. At most, operators could monitor conditions at the substation end of the feeder. This was not necessarily bad because distribution systems were fairly predictable in loading and voltage levels.