Mobile Combo Units

Reel-O-Matic has introduced new mobile combo units that will roll through a standard 36-inch entry door and make pulling wire from parallel reels easier.

What You Need to Know About Solar Design

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that solar energy is the fastest-growing energy technology in the U.S.

How Does the Industry Create True Interoperability?

Interoperability has become a smart grid buzzword, and the industry loves thinking that engineers and technology can be made to get along.

Expanding Metering Data’s Value

Smart grid investments have inspired both regulatory concern and negative public reactions in recent months.

Synchrophasors Electrify Power Transmission

The status quo of transmission-monitoring technology at the moment is a bit slow.

Data Complexity Poses Next Big Challenge

Data volumes are increasing at an exponential pace in practically all areas of science, business and technology.

Customer Data Security, Cybercrime and How a Utility Can Prepare

Economies changed over the past few decades, from bartering to cash to credit and now to electronic payments.

Volt/VAR Control: Old Problem, New Solution

While reading the other day, I discovered that voltage drop and real power losses contributed to the invention of the incandescent lightbulb.

Distribution Planning for a Smarter Grid

Most existing electric power infrastructure was designed to supply power from large utility-owned generation sources to end-use customers with predictable load shapes.

Illinois Case Study: How to Increase Critical Customer Load Reliability

Rubicon Technology recently sent the city of Batavia, Ill., a few special requests.