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The New Face of War—Securing Critical Networks in the 21st Century

When the Stuxnet computer virus attacked the Iranian Natanz nuclear facility two years ago, it signaled cyberwarfare.

All-indoor Wireless Solution

Cambium Networks' PTP 810i All-Indoor solution is a modular, point-to-point (PTP) indoor wireless backhaul solution designed to support native Ethernet and TDM applications simultaneously for seamless migrations to all Internet Protocol-based systems.

Want to Reduce Bill Calls? Talk Like a Human

Bills, bills, bills. Besides being the title of R&B group Destiny's Child's 1999 hit single, they're also one of the most frequent concerns of utility customers.

Smart Grid Integration:From Enterprise to Ops Center to Substation to Feeder to House and...

Smart grid technology investment has given rise to the need for true system engineering skills similar to those fostered by U.S. investment in the space program.

The Case for Energy Storage Software

From the outset, smart grid promised to improve the electric grid by combining existing and new electric infrastructure with modern computing technology.

Smart Meter Opt-out Policies Explained

During the past two decades, roughly 300 million electric and gas meters on customer premises have been equipped with radios to transmit meter readings to remote locations without harming a single consumer.

Why Materials, Cable Standards Matter in Reliable Global Power Systems

Some of us live in parts of the world where accessibility to dependable power is taken for granted.

The Role of Communications in the Smart Grid

At one time, power delivery to customers was simple and one-way.

Britain’s Smart Metering Rollout is About Customers

In Britain, the government's target is for every home and small business to have gas and electricity smart meters installed by 2019.

Enabling Next-generation Grid Automation and Control

Electric power distribution systems historically have incorporated little automation.