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ZigBee Propagation for Smart Metering Networks

The U.K. government requires energy suppliers to take all reasonable steps to deploy smart meters in customer residences in Great Britain by 2019, with the mass rollout to start in 2014.

Utilities: Is the IT Outlook Cloudy?

Cloud offers utilities many benefits, but it's not a one-size-fits-all solution. Each is associated with significant pros and cons that depend on the application, operations, service-level agreements and security and contractual requirements.

Brazil’s Light Characterizes its AMI Customers

Executives at Brazilian electric utility Light Serviços de Electricidade S.A. (Light SESA) recognized that a smart grid wouldn't be so smart if it couldn't meet the needs of its customers, society and the utility, itself.

Integrated System, Social Media Improve Grid Reliability, Customer Satisfaction

Reliability will be the top priority for grid operators no matter whom or where they serve. From a tree branch that takes out a single home to a complex, multifactor event that cuts power to 700 million people–as a two-day event did in India this past summer–rapid outage detection and speedy restoration play critical roles.

The Impact of Smart Grid and Traditional Generation

When the conversation turns to smart grid or grid modernization, typically people discuss the ability to install more distributed resources, work with customers or improve distribution or transmission.

DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition Sails Into San Diego

DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition 2013 boasts 14 conference tracks, 77 conference sessions, 350 industry speakers and 26 Utility University courses. Mark your calendars to attend Jan. 29-31 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Take the Next Steps‐ Monetize Smart Grid Investments Through Analytics

Smart meter and smart grid technology deployments are creating exponentially more data for utilities, providing the opportunity for granular insight into customer usage patterns and the status of the distribution network.

Utility Networks in Transition from TDM to IP Not if but When

Most commercial enterprises have standardized their networks on Internet Protocol, but utilities have more factors to consider when transitioning network technologies.

US Navy Uses Secure Wireless to Take Control

In October 2009, the secretary of the Navy laid out aggressive goals to improve energy security and efficiency, increase energy independence, and help lead the nation toward a clean energy economy.

Survey: Americans ‘Learned Helplessness’ From Rising Utility Bills

Although residential electricity consumption is increasing, a national survey finds Americans blame their utilities or inefficient homes for their rising energy bills rather than themselves for using more power.