Aloha, Fossil Fuels; Aloha, Renewables

Overlooking warm, Pacific waters 2,500 miles from anywhere, the Aloha State is working to shed its less marketable, unofficial title: the most fossil fuel-dependent state.

Hollywood is Calling

First let me set the record straight. I have zero aspirations to be in front of or behind the camera, and I guarantee directors and producers aren't shedding any tears about it.

Grid Modernization Achieving Operational Improvements and Reducing Ownership Costs

Modernizing the grid is taking different forms and utility-specific paths. During the past few years, the industry has seen rapid changes in infrastructure investment priorities and solution evaluation criteria.

Software Studies Solar Storm Impacts

PowerWorld Corp.'s software modeling tool helps electric utilities determine the impact a solar storm could have on the electric power grid.

Integration of IT and OT-Enabling the Electric Grid of the Future

Maintaining electric supply worldwide will require cumulative investment in transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure of more than $7 trillion between 2011 and 2035, according to World Energy Outlook 2011, the flagship publication of the International Energy Agency.

A Revolution in Current Transformer Testing

Different test devices and methods are used in the market to verify the performance of current transformers during development, production, installation and maintenance. An innovative solution exists to test current transformers at all life cycle stages by using the modeling concept.

Volt/VAR Control Options and How to Leverage AMI Data

Energy efficiency and operational optimization remain strong drivers for utilities implementing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

The Business Case for Integrating Smart

For more than a century, the central electricity generation, transmission and distribution business model has been to build and operate a baseload capacity to meet the maximum demand needed.

When Mom Said ‘Life Isn’t Fair,’ She Meant Net Metering

Well, seldom has arrived. As of July, 43 states and the District of Columbia have adopted some form of net metering law or regulation for small wind, photovoltaic (PV) technologies, small combined heat and power or other distributed technologies, said Rick Tempchin, executive director of retail energy services at the Edison Electric Institute (EEI).

DistribuTECH Expands to Brasil

North America's No. 1 electricity transmission and distribution show, DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition, is expanding into Brasil and co-locating with HydroVision Brasil during its second consecutive year in Brasil.