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1937 KCPL: Reclosing fuses reduce outages on rural lines by 61 percent. After unsatisfactory operating results in the early 1930s, 26 months of operating experience with repeater fuses on Kansas City Power & Light Co.'s (KCPL's)...

Service Aggretation Router

Alcatel-Lucent has added new products to its range of 7705 service aggregation routers specifically designed to be deployed in the distribution and field-area network-the part of the network that distributes power to an energy supplier's residential or business customers.

FROM DATA TO INFORMATION: How technology and analytics is a utility game changer

Technology and data are poised to change the nation's electric grid in a big way.

Vegetation Maintenance Goes Airborne to Save Time, Money

Vegetation management is critical in preventing and minimizing electric power outages. Tree contact with power transmission lines is a leading cause of power outages.

IEC 61850-Why all the Hype?

We've all heard the buzz about IEC 61850, the global design standard for substation automation.

MDM’s Role in Utility

The smart grid and smart meters are delivering data that is opening new possibilities for the way utilities do business.

Measure to Win – 3 Ways to Achieve More Value From Grid Performance Metrics

As utilities continue their transition from traditional networks to smart grid-enabled energy systems, there are growing pressures from stakeholders and regulatory authorities to demonstrate the value of the significant grid modernization investments made thus far.

Docks in San Diego

Running Jan. 29-31 at the San Diego Convention Center, DistribuTECH continues to lead in information exchange and utility education.

A Check List for Building the Right Foundation for Value

Grid automation has been around more than 50 years.

California IOUs Embrace OpenADR 2.0

The OpenADR Alliance, a nonprofit corporation created to foster the development, adoption and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) Smart Grid standard, announced that California investor-owned utilities plan to require the OpenADR 2.0 standard for new customers in their demand response (DR) enabling technology programs in 2013.