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1929 set a record year for generating capacity; however, the subsequent years saw a dramatic decrease in energy demand.

Smart Grid-Ready Control Increases Automation and Efficiency

Cooper Power Systems' Smart Grid-ready, CBC-8000 capacitor bank control now offers an Ethernet communication module.

Expectations of a Utility Outage Management Website

The insistence for on-demand information is part of everyday culture.

Utilities, Commercial Building Owners Win With Distributed Energy Storage

The idea behind smart grids is to use information to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution resources.

Intelligent Load Management – The Future of Demand-side Management

Can load control provide for more economical integration of wind rather than building expensive supply-side options in the future?

An Economical Addition to Grid-tied Wind Energy Systems

Power grids are suffering from high peak demands, instability and unpredictable renewables, so utilities are turning to energy storage systems (ESS).

Knowledge is Power-Using Data Analytics to Drive Growth

In years past, growth was a given for electric utilities: Spend capital, build the asset base and grow the top line.

Increasing Revenue With Advanced Metering

Where there's change there is opportunity, and in the utilities industry, the introduction of smart meters is one of the most far-reaching changes of recent times.

Save Money With Proactive Substation Maintenance

The electricity delivery system operating in the U.S. and the rest of the world is one of the greatest engineering feats in history.

SDG&E study to dig down to circuit-level usage

Ever wonder how much energy a microwave or big-screen TV uses, whether you left your refrigerator door open or how much money can be saved by turning off a home computer while at work? Answers to those questions may not be far off.