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The history of electricity.

Power Distribution Planning Software

The Siemens Low and Medium Voltage Division has extended and updated the software tools Simaris design, Simaris project and Simaris curves.

The Smarter Approach – Creating Reliability, Efficiency on the Grid

Scott Zajkowski of IUS Technologies writes that transforming a legacy grid into a smart grid will lead to a steady stream of power with fewer interruptions to more people using fewer resources while emitting fewer carbon gases.

Smart Grid Interoperability and Standards Update

Dick DeBlasio, chair of the IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee (SCC) 21, explains why the 2003 publication of IEEE 1547 "Standard for Interconnecting Distributed Resources with Electric Power Systems" was so monumental—it filled a void.

Grid Automation & Control – Networks vs. Platform

Donald Pollock of Ambient Corp. writes that key factors distinguish the traditional siloed approach to grid communications from a platform approach: flexibility, scalability and security.

Interoperability Enables Innovation

Roberto Aiello of Itron compares how many devices have gone down the path of interoperability, moving from proprietary to open standards. What lessons can the utility industry learn from these devices?

Cleat Call

Author Tony Conroy of Ellis writes about the frequently underestimated importance of cable cleats.

The Reputation Imperative: Why North American Utilities Still Don’t Get It

Reputation Institute's John Patterson shares results from its annual syndicated quantitative research study across 34 countries in which it asks the public to rate organizations on the trust, admirations, good feeling and esteem they have for the largest companies in each market. Guess how electric utilities did?

AMI Operations Center Benefits

David Kreiss and Masoud Abael of AMI Operations Consulting LLC list the benefits of a centralized AMI operations center, including: overall lower staffing and resource costs; superior system performance; higher reliability; better security with respect to identifying potential cyberattacks; and superior risk management.

Silicon Valley Power Case Study: Wireless Broadband Benefits Smart Grid, More

Larry Owens of Silicon Valley Power shares how the California muni became the first U.S. city to leverage its utility AMI network to provide free outdoor Wi-Fi citywide.