Commonwealth Edison Co. implements system to train and prepare veterans to re-enter the work force.

Bird-Line Collision Guidebook

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Avian Power Line Interaction Committee (APLIC) released an updated guidance document, "Reducing Avian Collisions with Power Lines: State of the Art in 2012."

Improved Air Compressor Controls Help Church-Dwight Slash Energy Consumption

As much as 40 percent of electricity to power air compressors in some industrial plants is wasted through inefficient compressor controls, according to an Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy report.

Are New Energy Storage Solutions Too Much of a Good Thing?

Traditionally, utilities have generated electricity to meet immediate demand.

Real-world Lessons in Project Management, Deployment and Operations of Your Meter Data Management System

PPL Electric Utilities implemented a meter data management (MDM) system in 2006 with customer-facing and operational applications that has provided significant benefits.

La Plata Electrics Path to a Superior Outage Management System

Consumers typically give little thought to their electric utilities when things are business as usual; power runs through outlets and lights turn on with a flip of a switch.

The Role of Mobility in Combating Extreme Weather Events

Energy utilities conduct diligent emergency planning; however, there is increasing scrutiny from legislators, press and consumers to provide coordinated, rapid emergency response and greater public notification during power outages.

Smart Work Force Strategies for Smart Grid

The smart grid transition has major project management and technical hurdles, but addressing the confluence of work force issues it creates can be even more challenging.

Underground vs. Overhead: Power Line Installation-Cost Comparison and Mitigation

Hurricane Sandy left many electric utility executives, their customers, local and state government leaders and regulators contemplating placing overhead power lines underground.

Case Study: Dickson Electric System Invests in Smart Grid Initiatives

Located southwest of Nashville, Tenn., Dickson Electric System serves more than 30,000 residential and commercial customers across Montgomery, Cheatham, Hickman, Dickson and Houston counties.