The Modern Lineman

Revenue-grade Submeters

Leviton has expanded its revenue-grade line of VerifEye submeters with the addition of the Series 3300 and Series 3500 models.

Reliability for Hire Go Beyond Business as Usual or Risk Obsolescence

Utilities are under pressure to optimize asset replacement funds, improve operating efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements for adopting smart grid technologies.

Volt-VAR Optimization and the Dynamic Electric Distribution Grid

Today's electric distribution grid is becoming more dynamic with the introduction of distributed energy resources (DERs) such as solar photovoltaic systems and the deployment of automated switching schemes.

Dynamic Pricing – Meter Configuration Trade-offs

Many advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) road maps properly and purposefully outline phased implementation strategies to align business processes with investment objectives, but utilities should consider meter hardware impacts early in the selection and design process.

You’re on the Target List of Cyberthugs; 10 Steps to Combat Vulnerability

It is a common headline: Prominent website brought down by attackers.

High Stakes-Power Companies and Cybersecurity

The headlines are alarming. The U.S. faces a possible "Cyber Pearl Harbor," former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta warned in 2012.

Australian Utility Drives Network Efficiencies Through Customer Engagement

Western Australia (WA) is the largest state in Australia, occupying the entire western third of the continent.

Powering up VSAT

Satellite communications, often referred to as VSAT (very small aperture terminal), has enabled utilities around the globe to expand their network reach rapidly as they develop the smart grid.

DistribuTECH Brasil

North America's No. 1 electricity transmission and distribution show, DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition, expanded into Brasil in 2012 with the launch of DistribuTECH Brasil.