Establishing a meterman's uniform was important for public safety.

Cooper Power Systems Smart Grid-Ready Control

Cooper Power Systems has released its smart grid-ready control.

Translating Data Analytics Opportunities into Utility Abilities

Technology being utilized by utilities is drawing in a wealth of new, rich data, at a volume unparalleled in the history of the industry.

Forming the Groundwork: Communications Infrastructure Reliability Near and Far

Providing reliable energy in a way that satisfies customers and meets government regulations is no small task for the electric utility industry.

Utility Adopts Arc Flash Relays to Improve Safety

Although electric power utilities generate electricity, they also are electricity consumers, using power to run motors, lighting, controls and other equipment typical of a processing plant.

Beyond the Bill

Long-standing electric utility business models are rapidly becoming outdated in light of new technologies, policy changes and more demanding consumers.

AMI Creates New Routes for Meter Readers

Terry Bullock, a meter reader for the past 25 years, is learning a new trade.

Distributed Generation, Electricity Storage and the Utility of the Future

I attended InterSolar North America 2013 in San Francisco in early July.

Solar’s Astounding Growth Creates Need for Smarter Technologies

For more than 100 years, most electricity in the developed world was generated at utility-owned central station power plants and sent to customers via transmission and distribution systems.

HVDC: The Key to Revolutionizing the Grid

An aging infrastructure and increasing demand for energy makes technology more important than ever in meeting and sustaining the power needs of the world.