Transformer ‘Check Engine Light’

Doble Engineering Co.'s Delphi Mini is a cost-effective dissolved gas analysis monitor designed as a "check engine light" for transformers.

How to Conduct Arc Flash Studies

Identifying the risk of arc flash is not easy, but it is essential so utility workers can protect themselves.

The Human Factor: Decides if Improved Fleet Management Techniques Work

There are many new, helpful technologies, aren't there? In one afternoon's reading, I must have come across dozens of devices that promised they could make utility fleet management more efficient.

How to Introduce GPS Tracking to Your Employees

Fleet managers across the country are turning quickly to AVL software, also known as GPS tracking, but many of them don't know how to introduce the program to employees.

Communication Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking

Although fleet and asset tracking are becoming more common, many business operators and fleet managers do not realize these fleet-tracking solutions can do much more than pinpoint a vehicle's location on a map.

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and Cybersecurity

A session at the inaugural Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) meeting in 2013 included a presentation from several electricity subsector representatives regarding President Barack Obama's Executive Order (EO) 13636: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.

Grid Analytics Offer Opportunities for More Efficient Spending

The advent of grid analytics is proving to be a boon to transmission and distribution (T&D) asset management, offering distinct opportunities for better and more efficient operations and maintenance (O&M) spending, particularly in predictive and proactive maintenance rather than the more historic, run-to-failure operation of assets.

Unified Smart Grid Model Can Prepare Utilities for Next Superstorm

Energy drives the lives of billions of people worldwide, and when the power goes off, customers want it back on, and fast.

Securing the Smart Meter Supply Chain

Security issues have attracted more attention as smart meter rollouts have progressed.

Rural Utilities Look Toward Brighter Future With Smart Grid Technology

The smart grid has changed how utilities generate, manage and deliver electricity and has transformed the interaction between utilities and their customers.