Bundled Managed Services

Itron TOTAL takes the company's existing capabilities in metering, communications, data management, analysis and professional services and packages them all together in a simplified, subscription-based pricing structure with complete managed services.

How Utilities Can Prepare for Disruptive Events

Jasjeet Singh of iGATE Global Solutions writes that utilities can optimize their emergency plans, contingency plans and restoration activities by using consolidated mobility, the Internet of Things, big data and spatial analytics.

The After-storm Storm: Utility Cost Recovery

Roy Ellis, Christopher Smith, Ted Pelecky and Michael Ballaban of Ernst & Young share eight steps to develop a utility storm response plan.

The Utility Work Force Knowledge Gap of Transformers

Author Kevin May of IUS Technologies weighs in on a technician who has spent decades making changes to infrastructure as he saw fit and a new employee with only textbook knowledge.

Using Smart Meter Data for Greater Operational Effectiveness

Smart meters were just the beginning.

Best Practices and Lessons Learned From Big Sandy RECC’s GIS and OMS Implementations

David Herron of Leidos and Nathan Frisby of Big Sandy Rural Electric Cooperative break down how the Kentucky co-op decided to invest in the technologies, the lessons learned and what's next.

Utility Data in the Cloud

Jim Buckley of TransCentra explains that billing and payments are primary business functions where noticeable ROI can be expected from updated SaaS technology.

WIRES to DOE: Robust transmission should be job No. 1

On behalf of WIRES, I wish to applaud you for focusing the Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) in Year 1 on key enabling infrastructure, namely the high voltage electric transmission grid.