10-year Meter Warranty

Collection of new products of special interest to the electric power transmission and distribution automation systems, engineering and information technology markets.

Microalloyed Copper Overhead Line Conductors

Fernando Nuño of the European Copper Institute writes that network operators need a conductor that can replace old conductors on existing rights of way and that increases the energy efficiency, capacity and overload capacity of the line: the CAC.

Developing International Standards for Demand-side Communications

Scott Coe and Shangyou Hao of UISOL write that although not every ISO or RTO has migrated to a CIM-based system, most share that goal.

Smarter Grids That Outsmart Hackers–Industry Groups Drive Security Forward

Lila Kee of GlobalSign writes that the shift from OT to IT has been both an efficiency boon and a massive security incident waiting to happen.

Duke Energy’s Data Modeling & Analytics Initiative

David Lawrence of Duke Energy with David Mulder and Zac Canders of Leidos Engineering explain the Duke Energy-sponsored Data Modeling and Analytics Initiative (DMAI) and the final reports from 17 vendors that discuss data issues, models and tools to analyze the data, plus use cases that could be developed for new value opportunities.

Top 5 Foundational Activities in Using Smart Meter Data for Grid Operations

David G. Kreiss of AMI Operations Consulting LLC writes that utilities are finding it more difficult to use smart meter data than anticipated.

Eye on the World

Germany comes in first in a new energy efficiency ranking of the world's major economies, followed by Italy, the EU as a whole, China and France, according to the 2014 International Energy Efficiency Scorecard published by the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE).