Line Locator With Bluetooth, GPS

Collection of new products of special interest to the electric power transmission and distribution automation systems, engineering and information technology markets.

Wireless Field-area Networks for Smart Grid Communications

Bert Williams of ABB Tropos Wireless Communications Systems writes that smart grid applications can help utilities meet conflicting demands, but an additional component is required: a two-way broadband communication network.

Case Study: High-voltage Underground Cable for NY Substation Expansions With Space Constraints

Peter Ebersold of Marmon Utility examines how NYSEG expanded the Big Tree Substation that feeds Ralph Wilson Stadium, home of the Buffalo Bills.

Case Study: Jiangxi Electric Power Design Institute Increases Substation Design Efficiency

Cathy Chatfield-Taylor of CC-T Unlimited explains how Bentley's substation solution unified structural, physical and electrical design at a PowerChina subsidiary.

M2M Testing Times for UK Utilities

Angus Panton of SQS Group Ltd. predicts that the ability to control devices such as thermostats from a smartphone will be big business.

LTE Makes Smart Metering Even Smarter

Eran Eshed of Altair Semiconductor writes that the Internet connection is one of the most fundamental features of smart meters, and it must be secure, robust and long-lasting. For these reasons, 4G LTE is nearly perfect.

Smart Grid Sensors: Well-positioned to Improve Reliability at Brazil’s Mega Utilities

Kim Getgen of Tollgrade Communications gives the top five advantages of smart grid sensors, using examples from Brazil.

Beyond Asset Mapping – Three More Ways to Leverage Your GIS

Matt Crooks of Schneider Electric writes that utilities can use their GIS to share knowledge across the organization, plan an expansion and manage field teams.

Customer Engagement- A New Approach Needed

Mike Guyton of Oncor Electric Delivery shares how the Texas utility is breaking the molds to meet customers' needs.

J.D. Power: Satisfaction With Retail Electricity Providers Improves

Despite an extremely severe winter and correspondingly high electricity bills, satisfaction with retail electric providers has improved dramatically from 2013, driven partly by improved communications, according to the J.D. Power 2014 Retail Electric Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study.