Electric Utility Benefits from Access Machine Technology

By Bill Ackerman, ABB Power T & D Co., Chuck Adamson, Southern California Edison, and David Joy, AccessWare Inc.

Tampa Conducts Home Manager Pilot

Tampa Electric Co. and TeCom Inc. are subsidiaries of TECO Energy Inc., located in Tampa, Fla. Tampa Electric Co. serves about one million people in west-central Florida. TeCom is a provider of competitive technologies and services for home automation, energy management and utility services. TeCom`s primary product, the InterLane interactive home manager, is being offered for utilities to form closer ties with their customers in today`s more competitive environment.

Industry Leaders Take Stage at DistribuTECH(TM)

With 70 miles of Pacific Ocean Beach to the west, and several uplifting mountain ranges to the east, San Diego boasts an abundance of activities, attractions and amenities to be enjoyed. Along the harbor, the waterfront theme village keeps busy with bay cruises, water taxis and ferry rides to Coronado Island. The backcountry retreat of Julian in the Laguna Mountains is yet another example of San Diego County`s most scenic areas.

Substation Automation–the Next Generation of Solutions

Deregulation and increased competition have had, and are continuing to have, dramatic effects on the way electric utilities do business. Companies are downsizing, right-sizing and resizing. Dramatic re-arrangements are occurring as a result of deregulation and competitive forces. Technology is exploding; microprocessors are finding their way into what were once the simplest electro-mechanical devices. All of these and other phenomena are putting a great deal of pressure on today`s utility person

DA for a Rural Distribution Company

North-Carelian Power Co. is a typical Finnish rural power distribution utility which operates on a rather sparsely populated area of more than 2,1000 km2. The neutral compensated, medium-voltage network, 9,100 km of overhead lines, is divided into 179 feeders on 32 HV/MV substations. Thus, an average feeder is approximately 50 km and many of the feeders have a length of more than 100 km. Often located in forested areas, the overhead lines are vulnerable to storms and, during the long winter, to

The Competitive Water Utility: a Strategy for Success in the Information Age

The driving forces in the utility industry--downward pressure on rates, the demand for superior customer service, changes in regulatory requirements and the drive toward privatization--place a strong demand on the utilities to build flexible operational and business systems. Capturing and processing information in an integrated manner allows utilities to address these forces, while creating the competitive edge needed by all businesses in the information age. The first step toward obtaining the

A “Mature” SCADA Market?

The U.S. SCADA market is maturing -- that is a bold statement, but one that PennWell Research has documented over the past three years. During 1996, PennWell Research conducted a series of research studies focused on automation of electric and water utilities. The electric projects discussed in this article include SCADA and EMS. The water projects include SCADA and process control.

The Evolution of the Utility Enterprise

Business processes of old were supported by substantial manual labor pools using electric typewriters, adding machines with miles of paper tape and an abundance of cumbersome file cabinets. Organizations were made up of independent silos focused on specific business operations appropriately labeled as strategic business units. Information sharing with other departments was accomplished through sending reams and reams of paper around to numerous people and offices.

Work Management Software

WMIS is Synercom`s client/server-based work management product that addresses the specific information management needs of electric, gas and water utility companies. The features include resource scheduling, full solution maintenance, security and on-line help. The product automates the work flow across an entire organization, enabling a utility to manage all information associated with work requests within a common database. Benefits include faster information processing, standardized construct

Monitoring System

Info-Mation, an independent automation system that serves real-time link from process control platforms to MIS systems, can be used to provide the link between SCADA-, DCS- or PLC-based process control systems and MIS from any vendor. The Info-Mation product includes TIS-4000 for the process and manufacturing industries, TAS-4000 for storage terminal and movement automation and DAS-4000 for utility applications. All Info-Mation products are based on POSIX-complaint operating systems, TCP/IP com