Gas Utility SCADA Market Declining

Over the past three years, PennWell Research has identified a downward trend for installations of SCADA systems in the United States. This trend is happening in electric, water/wastewater and gas utilities. In January, PennWell Research released the "1997 Gas Utility/ Transmission Pipeline SCADA Market Data Report." The report identified 170 SCADA project opportunities. That is a decrease of approximately 24 percent compared to the gas utility study results in 1995. Not only are the number of pr

Will the World End at 12:01, Jan. 1, 2000?

OK, let`s imagine that it`s New Year`s Eve, 1999, and you`re just about to pop that bottle of champagne to welcome in a new millennium. You look at your friends and family and scoff at the pundits who insisted that the world would end in the year 2000. You smile thinking about the past years and how good life has been. The clock ticks away and suddenly, you are struck by a horrifying thought--did I remember to change that one program that bills our customers or ensures the reliability of the ele

Tracking Underground Cable Failures Using AM/FM

Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) serves the greater Jacksonville, Fla., metropolitan area--a service area of more than 900 square miles and a population of more than 1 million. JEA first began development of an AM/FM system in 1988, in conjunction with installation of a mainframe-based distribution service restoration (DSR) application. Intergraph`s facility rulebased application model management environment (FRAMME) software was selected to provide circuit connectivity tracing capabilities

PG&E Makes Connections for a Competitive, Diverse Future

Utilities in the United States have operated in a regulated environment for the past 100 years. Now sweeping changes in California, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, New York and New England are opening these markets to competition. Companies in these markets will need to embrace new technologies for an edge in gathering and using marketing information and becoming more cost effective. California`s Assembly Bill 1890, which became law Sept. 23, 1996, is being called the industry`s "most reaching" to-dat

A New Generation of Land Base Information

As the utility industry approaches the 21st century, providers of electric, gas, telecommunications, water and other vital services continue searching for ways to remain competitive by providing their services more efficiently and cost effectively. New emerging forms of information technology are playing an increasingly important role in the way progressive utility companies do business. One of the newest forms of information technology that is having a major positive impact on the utility indus

TU Consolidates Information Systems with an Integrated Solution

Faced with the nearly impossible task of maintaining and operating three separate information systems in the wake of a multiple utility merger, Texas Utilities Inc. (TU) of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, is deploying a single enterprise system that integrates AM/FM with work management and interfaces with numerous existing applications. Known as the distribution information system (DIS), this integrated solution is a family of automated systems that brings together TU`s work management functions, cor

PP&L Develops Cost-competitive Substation SCADA Remote

Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. (PP&L), Allentown, Pa., has developed a hybrid SCADA system for installation in area supply substations scattered throughout central and eastern Pennsylvania. The hybrid system in each station consists of a centrally located RTU that is connected to analog meters monitoring power equipment within the substation. A LAN connects the meters to the RTU. The new system is directly replacing a variety of commercial RTUs installed 20 years ago. The new RTUs are also being

UTS Architecture for Switched Telephone Networks

Utility Telemetry Service (UTS) is an application that uses the switched telephone network which provides a nonringing data communications connection between a utility service provider and an end user`s location. The UTS architecture is defined in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard 1390. The Automatic Meter Reading Association sponsored the committee that wrote the standard. The standard specifies a data communication`s application can be initiated from either the ser

Digital Multimeter

The THS720P TekScope, a hand-held oscilloscope/digital multimeter by Tektronix Inc., offers harmonics for measuring multiple frequency components and motor trigger capabilities for detecting motor control voltages. The portable unit, which offers up to 100 Mhz digital real-time bandwidth and 500 megasamples per second, also offers dual-channel/dual-digitizer electrical and electronic measurement capabilities, including high-voltage probes--capable of measuring 1,000 Vrms potential difference be

High-intensity Lamp

The Waterproof Headlamp is a hard hat- or forehead-mounted flashlight with a high-intensity krypton lamp powered by four AA batteries. The lamp has a 90 degree adjustable range allowing freedom for both hands to perform needed tasks. The product is completely waterproof to withstand corrosion and malefaction in wet atmospheres.