Power Electronics Provide Control and Flexibility for Series Compensation

By Ronald A. Hedin, Siemens Energy & Automation, and Duane R. Torgerson, Western Area Power Administration

World Markets Fuel SCADA/EMS Growth

SCADA systems and EMS have definitely found a place in the North American utility industry. Most large investor-owned utilities, as well as many smaller cooperative and municipal utilities, have already installed SCADA/EMS operations. PennWell Research`s latest SCADA/EMS buying studies reflect this market saturation. PennWell`s studies show that U.S. SCADA/EMS projects have been on the decline since 1990, accounting for only 8 percent of worldwide SCADA/EMS spending. However, the SCADA/EMS marke

Market Data Terminus

Utility SCADA systems are headed for a major change in direction. The market for traditional utility distribution SCADA systems began in the mid-1970s, peaked in the late 1980s and is currently in a decline. Deregulation of electric utilities and the advent of competition should revive demand-but it will be a demand for different kinds of control systems.

Dispatch Simulators Aid Utilities in Competitive Environment

The U.S. electric power industry is rapidly changing due to both political and economic forces. Deregulation at both the state and federal level is forcing utilities into a competitive arena full of challenges. Electricity generation is being unbundled. Utilities and independent generators are forming pooling companies and power marketing companies are implementing complicated multi-party interchange transactions. These changes are expected to result in a substantial increase in power transactio

SCADA/EMS Evolves with Industry

Even though growth in the United States has slowed in the past few years (see "World Markets Fuel SCADA/EMS Growth," page 17), SCADA/EMS still has a bright future in this country. Some industry experts expect the U.S. market to grow as the electric industry moves to full competition. Many utilities, hesitant to invest in new systems due to uncertainties caused by deregulation, may be forced to upgrade their systems in order to prosper in the competitive market. As independent system operators (I

Empowering Field Crews with AM/FM

The City of Tallahassee Utilities Services serves more than 90,000 electric, 62,000 water and sewer, 54,000 solid waste and 16,000 natural gas customers. In 1985 Hurricane Kate came through Tallahassee and devastated several sections of town. The city`s Electric Dept. estimated system damage to be approximately $900,000. When the reconstruction was complete, the cost totaled more than $2.9 million. This underestimation was primarily due to the lack of adequate system maps and facility inventory

FCC Self-Audit Can Identify and Rectify Compliance Problems

Wireless telecommunications services licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) enable electric and gas utilities and their affiliates to provide existing services more efficiently and to introduce new services to their customers. Multiple address systems, SCADA and other wireless telecommunications services facilitate AMR, distribution system management and DA. Paging, mobile data and mobile radio services keep utility service teams in contact with dispatchers and customer service

DA/DSM(TM) DistribuTECH(TM) Asia 97 Returns to Singapore

More than 7,000 power industry executives, managers and engineers will converge at the Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center Sept. 9-11 for DistribuTECH(TM) Asia `97, held in conjunction with POWER-GEN Asia `97. The island-state of Singapore is strategically located in the heart of Asia`s rapidly expanding power generation, delivery and automation industries. Participation and support of this conference will include all the major Asian utilities, including Singapore Power, TNB

Data Conversion Fast Track at Allegheny Power

Allegheny Power is a conglomeration of Monongahela Power, Potomac Edison and West Penn Power companies which overlaps parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. The utility serves 1.4 million customers in a mostly contiguous territory of about 29,000 square miles. Recently, Allegheny Power and Duquesne Light Co. agreed to merge. Duquesne Light serves more than 580,000 customers in a service territory of about 800 square miles, including the city of Pittsburgh. When appro

Data Acquisition Instruments

The HP 34970A is a data acquisition instrument that offers increased flexibility. The unit`s modular design enables configuration as a data acquisition system, data logger of high-performance switching and signal routing solution. This flexibility enables research and design engineers working on product characterizations and production engineers building automated test systems to access the features and functionality of the high-end unit. The product offers 11 built-in measurements with internal