Meter-Reading Route Management

New meter-reading route management product, RouteSmart ES, allows users to move single or blocks of accounts between routes, chain routes and sequences together, produce reports and balance workloads. Basic interface is modeled on Windows Explorer.

Multifunction IED

The Harris D25 Multifunction IED integrates a wide range of substation measurement, status, control and communications functions in a compact package. It can be used as a programmable logic controller, substation LAN node, IED gateway, bay level controller, revenue class (non-certified) meter, power quality monitor, waveform recorder, equipment monitoring node, and standalone RTU. The D25 architecture includes plug in options for the substation LAN, serial, or other communications to a host syst

Real-Time Vehicle Location

New software module, TRAKIT-USA, is a companion product to firm`s TRAKIT GPS AVL fleet management system. The complete system provides for real-time vehicle location monitoring on detail-annotated maps in any service area. The 32-bit software module includes digital continental U.S. map on one CD. Dispatchers can zoom between national scope and city street levels. Complete road and street annotation is zoom-level sensitive. Residence or business addresses can be input and visually pinpointed on

DSM Programs Permit Wider Customer Choice

A few years ago, demand-side management (DSM) programs were implemented to reduce peak loads to forestall the installation of new generation and reduce costs. Many of these DSM programs are still in place, but there is a completely new equation in the electric utility industry today in providing electricity and other services to customers. Federal legislation has made it easier for wholesale electricity suppliers to gain access to transmission and distribution systems to sell energy.

DCS/SCADA System Improves Water Utilitys System Performance

Maintaining four individual water treatment plant sites located throughout St. Louis County is no small task for St. Louis County Water Co. However, thanks to a new distribution control system (DCS)/SCADA system, the job is certainly easier than it once was. The Hathaway TIS-4000 Info/Mation DCS/SCADA system installed in 1994-95 allows more flexibility and greater control over the system than ever before. It has made more complete and timely data available to management, aiding in decision makin

Database Integration: Criteria and Techniques

As the previous article on page 16 suggests, to gain a competitive edge, utilities must fully realize the benefits of their various information systems by making critical information available throughout the company. In practical terms, "sharing information" between systems means integrating databases. Some computer systems at a utility that may be integrated with other systems include GIS, customer information system, materials management system, planned maintenance system, computer-aided dispa

Develop Marketing Information Systems to Compete Effectively

In a deregulated environment, utilities must open their market to competitors, but they are also allowed to start marketing other products and services to their customers. Utilities are seeking effective tools to maintain existing customers and even to attract others. They are often competing with other industries which may be far more experienced with marketing in a consumer-driven environment. One of the most effective tools is a good marketing information system.

–GPS AVL the All-Purpose Fleet Management Tool

Never before has technology offered such benefit to utility vehicle fleet management than what is available today with satellite tracking and mobile data communications. Global positioning system (GPS) technology will ultimately permeate virtually all segments of travel and communications. Today, using GPS, there is tremendous value to be obtained in automatic vehicle location (AVL). The utility vehicle fleet manager now has a powerful multi-function tool to achieve higher standards of fleet per

Market Data Terminus

North American electric utilities plan to install $293 million worth of SCADA projects, energy management systems (EMS) and related projects over the next three years, according to the latest survey of utility buying plans conducted by PennWell Research. That`s a decline from the $373 million worth of similar projects identified in last year`s survey.

Infrastructure Modernization Inspires Innovative New CAD/GPS System

Keeping tabs on a 414-square-mile water and wastewater system--the largest in the Southeast--is no mean feat. When the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (MDWASD) began its 10-year, $1.1 billion upgrade project in 1992, the task became even more daunting. Technology was a big part of the solution.