Gas Company Utilizes Mobile Computer for AVL Application

After nearly two years of careful investigation, Citizens Gas and Coke Utility of Indianapolis implemented a system that fully automates its order processing and dispatch system and, as a result, nearly eliminates the trail of paperwork that was slowing response times to its 257,000 customers.

Meter-Reading Route Management

New meter-reading route management product, RouteSmart ES, allows users to move single or blocks of accounts between routes, chain routes and sequences together, produce reports and balance workloads. Basic interface is modeled on Windows Explorer.

Meter-Reading Monitor

The new Power Leader Modbus monitor is a microprocessor based device that connects to one or two industry standard Modbus RTU networks, implemented on RD 485 wiring. Monitor reads metering and status information, provides centralized viewing of data from remote devices. A local event log is maintained. Monitor

Multi-Function Digital Panel Meter

The Power Panel 2000 is a multi-function digital panel meter that replaces more than 20 individual instruments and is well suited for substation automation applications. It has digital and analog transducer outputs, is self-contained, has true RMS sensing and is packaged in a 19-in. rack mount. It takes three current and voltage inputs and displays them as watt, VAR, watt-hours and VAR-hours. Outputs for all parameters are available: 0 to 1 mA, 0 to 5 VDC, 4 to 20 mADC and digital (RS 232 or RS

Radio Modem for SCADA

New version of TM32 radio modem for SCADA applications features a 9600 baud data rate with a multi-channel UHF radio transceiver. Also features all-weather enclosure, integrated mounted bracket and RTU/PLC vendor specific removable data/power cables.

Portable Modem

New portable modem, PRM 660, is for private network customers, enables user to enjoy freedom of plug-and-play operation with third-party laptop computers, while having ability to access their host application from the field. Designed for use on Motorola`s Private Data TAC networks, modem operates in either the UHF or 800-MHz bands. It provides connectivity between notebook computers or data terminals and an organization`s host computer. Modem weighs about 16 ounces, is battery operated and inclu

Power Meters

Firm announces Ethernet TCP/IP communications support for its 3720 ACM and 7700 ION panel-mounted digital power meters. Automatic interrogation of distributed metering points for wide-area load aggregation, load management, open-access billing, cost allocation and other applications can be performed using existing LAN/WAN networks or the Internet. Advantages include data transfer rates up to 10 MBPS, unlimited range and reduced hardware and installation costs.

Satellite Communications

Scientific-Atlanta introduced a new satellite communications transceiver it calls Stargate to provide low-cost data messaging in a fixed site or mobile application. The firm says the communicators are the first units employed in the utility industry for automatic meter reading and national accounts that are compliant with the ORBCOMM commercial low earth orbit satellite communications system. The communicator is a self-contained unit that includes all the electronics, antennas and software neede

Rugged Mobile Computer

The MDS2000 is the first computer specifically designed for the dual air-bag vehicle environment. Mounted directly on the dashboard, it is air-bag compatible due to its modular design. Features include easy-to-use touch screen to help keep driver`s eyes on the road, a high-resolution LCD screen for life-like mugshot image display, screen visibility in all lighting conditions including direct sunlight, screen visible from wide angles, high-speed PC-compatible processor, ruggedized removable hard