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Portable voltagetransformer tester At only 15 kg/33 pounds and compact in size Omicron's VOTANO 100 is a portable voltage transformer testing device that also offers high accuracy. The testing and calibration system measures winding resistance, short...

The Worldwide Charge Rural Electrification is Crucial Challenge Globally

Maintaining and updating aging power distribution infrastructure can create a huge strain on utility resources, with maintenance of transmission lines often running into hundreds of thousands of dollars per kilometer.

Substation Automation – Upgrade to the Future

When you, the substation expert at your utility, enter an aging installation and see a 40-year old transformer, 30-year old circuit breaker or the 50-year old fence that is falling apart, the old remote terminal unit (RTU) sitting in a corner might not be your first concern.

Endless Possibilities: Leveraging AMI Communications Networks to Build Smart Communities

Smart grid technology's ability to improve quality of life for consumers and their communities is no longer an abstract concept.

A New Era Of Engagement: Managing Customers’ Data and Expectations

Today's consumers have grown to expect the personalization they receive from Amazon, Netflix, Google and others within every aspect of their lives-even from their utility providers.

Moving Toward a More Resilient Grid: Austin Energy Case Study

Severe weather is the No. 1 cause of power outages, which costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars a year in lost output and wages, spoiled inventory, delayed production, inconvenience and damage to grid infrastructure.

DISTRIBUTECH CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION Offers Industry’s Best and Brightest

The nation's biggest annual gathering for the electricity transmission and distribution (T&D) sector is just around the corner.

Hackers at the Gate, Part II: Cybersecurity Experts Say Utilities Must be Ready Now

Hackers are not the kind of secret agents who need to sneak over borders to attack U.S. energy infrastructure.

Hackers at the Gate, Part I: Three Ways Utilities Can Deal with Cyber Threats

Cybersecurity has become a critical part of power grid operations as infrastructure ages and industrial control systems become more integrated and connected.


By Tom Tiernan, Senior Analyst, TransmissionHub DOE Approves TDI New England Clean Power Transmission Line TDI New England received the final environmental impact statement from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for its $1.2 billion Clean...