Case Study: Oahu Electricity Customers Save Energy, Money With Gamification App

Some electricity customers on Oahu saved extra energy and money during a 12-week pilot project that combined technology, education, games and rewards to change their electricity consumption behavior.

Doing the Right Thing While Doing Things Right- How to Improve Electric Utility Customer...

Superior customer experience can make a utility's service organization stand out to regulators, retain valuable customers and contribute top line revenue to shareholders. To accomplish this, you need to do the right thing while doing things right. The former affects satisfaction, and the latter affects productivity and efficiency.

Bridging the Disconnect Between Utilities, Self-generators

The electricity industry is transforming at a pace that most in the industry would not have imagined a few years ago.

Helping the Utility Industry, Industrial Sector Accommodate Renewable Energy

For a long time, industrial companies have represented a highly variable and difficult to manage set of customers for utilities.

Your Smart Meters Say the Power is out; Are They Lying?

Whether it's during a coastal hurricane or blue skies, knowing about outages before customers call can dictate whether utilities achieve top performance in customer satisfaction, restoration speed and restoration cost.

Smart Electricity Distribution in Germany

Despite that the German electricity distribution system has high reserve capacities and can host additional generation, integrating renewables is limited by the need to maintain voltage levels within a tightly defined range.


Mobile Utility Tools Two new families of mobile tools from Advanced Control Systems (ACS) equip utilities to better manage power outages and communicate with customers while providing work crews with real-time information in the field....


Riverside Public Utilities in California recently awarded Ice Energy a five-year contract to provide 5 MW of behind-the-meter thermal energy storage, the company announced.

Renewables, Storage and Self-generators Redefine Grid

A few months ago, someone in the industry laughed when I mentioned energy storage as an up-and-coming grid technology. Now I feel somewhat vindicated.