Case Study Electric Cooperative Switches Rural Lighting to LEDs

About two years ago, an electric cooperative in Spokane, Washington, began researching the benefits of LED technology.

Tree Service Fleets Use GPS Tracking Technology to Solve Common Problems

Tree service companies widely have adopted GPS tracking technology to make their fleet operations more efficient and productive.

How Electric Utilities Can Compete in the Digital Consumer Economy

Since the dawn of the Internet, companies have operated in the Internet economy, a period during which there was an explosion of connectivity and customers were empowered to access information about the companies who serve them.

The Steady (but Speedy) Technology March of Demand Response

Large, rotating masses are the unsung heroes of reliability on the electric grid. Loads come and go, but our Newtonian friends, Momentum and Inertia, make order from chaos.

The Benefits, Challenges of Integrating Consumer-driven Technology Into Utilities

Consumer-driven technologies are influencing the development of enterprise hardware and software, enterprise information technology (IT) operations and how enterprises conduct business internally and externally.

Who Owns the Data?

We live in a world ripe with technological advancements that make our lives better, or at least more efficient. With many applications' being used by millions of people every day comes an immense amount of data. And although the free collection and dissemination of data might be the norm in many industries, in the energy industry it's a topic that is growing in complexity by the year.

What We Learned From a Data Exfiltration Incident at an Electric Utility

One of the most interesting talks during DistribuTECH Conference & Exhibition was a case study involving sensitive data exfiltration from the operational technology (OT) environment of a North American electric utility.

Your Physical Security System is Missing a Crucial Element

During the past two years, dozens of attacks have been reported-including trespassing, vandalism, theft and sabotage-on critical utility infrastructure in the U.S. that posed dangers to life, property, reliable grid operation and utility worker safety.


AC Grid Access for Near-shore Wind Siemens' new alternating-current (AC) grid access solution connects near-shore wind power plants to the grid. It replaces the conventional AC transformer platforms. The solution consists of an offshore transformer...


The Department of Energy (DOE), CenterPoint Energy and power and automation technology group ABB recently completed an initiative to advance the reliability of the Houston power network by deploying an advanced intelligent grid system.