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Parting Thoughts

TALK "I don't think competitive generation and regulated utilities fit together very well." --Chuck Jones, CEO of FirstEnergy Corp., at Wolfe Research conference in New York "If I have customers on my side, regulators will follow." -Tilak, Subramanian,...


Southeast U.S. Utilities Respond Vigorously to Hurricane Matthew Damage Numerous utilities in the U.S. Atlantic seaboard worked feverishly to fix their part of the grid after Hurricane Matthew roared through in early October. Some reported...


Design Application for Field Use Bentley Systems announces OpenRoads Navigator CONNECT Edition, an innovative application that provides civil and transportation professionals an easy-to-use, dynamic product for quick access to civil design information in the field....

Time-Varying Rates

Catalyzing Behavioral Changes in Electrical Usage

Yesterday and Today

By the time you read this, our election for the 45th president of the United States will be over.

Focus on Feedback

Effectively Managing a Smart Grid Public Relations Campaign

Making a Grid-Iron Defense

The number of cyberattacks on the U.S. energy sector is growing rapidly.

Google Dorking and Shodan

Two Overlooked Cyber Risks

The IEC CIM Key to Integrated Grid Interoperability

While the need for interoperability between utility systems has always been with us, what is it about today's environment that makes it such a hot topic?

Clarity and Context The Emerging Tool of Operational Analytics

Data is at the heart of the digital transformation.