Parting Thoughts

TALK "When you step back and think about this power sector transformation in the U.S. and the global picture coming out of Paris, we really are at a global inflection point on energy markets and...


Recyclable, Environmentally-Friendly HVDC Cable Prysmian Group, an energy and telecom cable systems company, is launching a new breakthrough cable technology for the development of power transmission grids that will ensure better environmental sustainability, higher electrical...

Avoiding Tragedy Spurs Updated Rules for Arborists

Utility arborists think about safety every day, whether consciously or not. While it might seem routine, every time an arborist straps on protective equipment, climbs a tree and does his or her job effectively, it's because safety has been embedded into everything he or she does on a day-to-day basis.

Wireless Lifts Focus on Grid Resiliency

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) networking technology and wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications solutions are critical to the daily operations of an increasingly connected and industrial world.

Great River, Minnesota Team Up on LTE Pilot

Last year when Motorola Solutions and the state of Minnesota began finalizing details of its broadband LTE Band 14 pilot test, officials agreed on two goals. 

4 Steps to a Successful Mobile Application

The proliferation of mobile applications in the utility industry has given rise to a multitude of questions from utilities about how they can successfully use such tools to improve customer interaction and satisfaction.

Long-Distance Drones Aid Vegetation Control

To keep the lights on across the U.S., overgrown vegetation must be kept in check.

Shared Data Helps Utilities Integrate Ops

All utilities must ensure that operations run with optimal efficiency. 

Meters and Predictive Analytics Can Tell the Future

An enormously successful business tycoon was once described as someone "who could see around corners." 

Reducing Outages With Mobile Technologies

A utility's prime purpose is to deliver reliable and cost-effective power using a grid that is for the most part a legacy infrastructure that moves energy from a power plant to a home or business.