Parting Thoughts

TALK "While we are very much focused on the future, we will never forget the lessons of the past. We want our customers and their families to know that we are committed to re-earning their...


PRISM Update Advanced Control Systems (ACS), a global provider of smart grid automation technology, introduced earlier this year the latest release of its core Precision Real-Time Information System Managerà¢â€ž- (PRISMà¢â€ž-) system platform. PRISM is the...

Frequently Confused by Frequency Tests?

Testing transformers at non-traditional frequencies-frequencies other than 50 Hz or 60 Hz direct current (DC)-can provide invaluable diagnostic information.

Case Study: Aerial Cable Brings Reliability to Louisiana’s Oldest City

Power distribution systems around the world face critical threats to their long-term reliability and performance.

PART II: Machine Learning Continues Journey to Becoming a Utilities IoT Ninja

What makes smart grid so smart? Can you ever hope to master it?

Choose Wisely

Many utilities view the implementation of energy storage as an important way to help meet current and future energy needs.

Advanced Communications Networks Mission Critical to Grid Resiliency

Society has grown increasingly dependent on electricity for economic prosperity and safety.

Pulses and Minuses Smart Meters Communicate and Complicate Utilities’ Lives

AMI is here to stay FYI. Without context sometimes it's TMI and certainly no LOL matter for the utilities trying to make sense of it.

Using the Right Stuff Linemen Are Better Off Choosing Latest and Safest

On any given day, linemen must meet physical demands that push their bodies to the limit.

POWERGRID International: More than a Magazine

I've been an editor for a long time and when I first began this career, a monthly magazine was my only channel to provide readers with the most current and relevant information.