Parting Thoughts

TALK "Energy storage represents an important next frontier." -Exelon CEO Chris Crane, on why his company and Albemarle Corp. partnered to create Volta Energy Technologies, focused on large-scale battery investments "How else do you...


Officials in Puerto Rico, New York Unveil Modernization for Storm-Damaged Grid By Jeff Postelwait, Online Editor Officials in Puerto Rico and New York unveiled a plan to modernize the island territory's power grid following the widespread...

The Evolution of Analytics

The GIS platform offers the best tools and mechanisms to manage the topology of the connections that represent the electric network, however, several constraints limit GIS from meeting the needs of today's modern grid requirements.

Green Gas for Grid

g3 is a new alternative for the electric transmission industry that offers the same technical performance as SF6 with an environmental impact reduced by 99 percent.

Blockchain Gains Traction in Energy Sector

A new blockchain-based energy-sharing token named the Jouliette has been launched in The Netherlands.

Minimizing Misoperations

NERC's mission is to ensure the reliable operation of North America's bulk electric system (BES). A good protection system quality control program is key to reducing electric system misoperations.

The Scalable Grid

With the industry's emerging advanced energy management technologies, utilities can leverage integrated controls of distributed energy resources (DER) to mitigate risk and increase visibility for a scalable, equitable grid.

IoT Ahead Stuck on Go

Utilities are set to benefit from the Internet of Things (IoT) as much as any industry. But despite the clear opportunity, the implementation rate for utilities is actually behind schedule. This is due to some challenges unique to the sector that are proving to be significant barriers to adoption.

Island Resilience

As Hurricane Irma hit the Dominican Republic, power lines were damaged, distribution lines were disconnected in zones that had risk of flood or high winds, and some power plants went offline. These events resulted in volatile fluctuations in grid frequency, and energy storage arrays performed significantly more work than usual to stabilize the frequency.

Hurricane Forces

Forgive the pun, but 2017 could prove to be a watershed year in the annals of damage assessment by utilities. Consider what's happened on the west coast: We've seen more fire and rain this year than any utility planner cares to ever see again.