Parting Thoughts

TALK "What's happening in our industry? Three major forces: 1) Decentralization; 2) Electrification; 3) Digitization." –Gil Quiniones, CEO of New York Power Authority, at DistribuTECH 2018 "We need to switch to a supply-following mindset rather...


New products from Eaton, G&W Electric and Sentient Energy

Taking a Punch

In short, both hardening and recovery create more resilient infrastructure and improve the currently elusive goal of "perfect" reliability. Designing new and upgraded power infrastructure with resiliency in mind will take a concerted effort on the part of all stakeholders–from investor-owned, municipal and rural cooperative utilities, to regional transmission organizations, market regulators and government entities.

The Power of Virtual Microgrids

Developing a microgrid requires power system automation and control knowledge well beyond the specific energy resources and equipment involved. It is, therefore, useful to leverage simulation software and experience.

Turning Stop-Losses to Win-Wins

Market transformations have caused seismic shifts in the utility business model, forcing the industry to take a fresh look at the way people use energy, devise innovative and integrated solutions to meet the needs of more engaged, tech-savvy customers, and address profitability challenges within the current business model.

Conference Champs

The challenge of transformation was taken up early and often at the nation's biggest annual conference and exhibition for the electric T&D and smart grid sectors.

Microscope on the Microgrid

After Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico leaving months of electricity blackouts across the country in its wake, microgrids were thrust into the spotlight as a potential solution to add resiliency to the electric grid, given their capability to fully disconnect from the grid and operate independently, if needed.

Ledger Ability

Developers, utilities and grid-edge companies are working to find ways blockchain's distributed ledgers can spark the next wave of energy innovation.

A Job’s a Joy When it’s Needed This Much

The advancements in control and sensoring technologies alone is changing all of our worlds, whether it's how we drive to work or make energy more efficient. And while we still have plenty of intensely curious and inventive people working on these things, the grid itself is suffering from an extreme workforce shortage.


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