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New products from Schneider Electric, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, & Eaton

Keeping the Lights on and the Prices low for 100 Years

Utilities spend billions to give customers a necessary product that only costs pennies on the dollars compared to cars, gasoline and milk relative to inflation through the ages. It's gratifying to see an industry which prizes efficiency and innovation perhaps more than others.

Expanding Energy and Internet Inclusion in Tandem

About 4 billion people around the world lack internet access and about 1 billion do not have reliable electricity. The potential transformation in quality of life for the unconnected is so much greater if both energy and internet are expanded in tandem.

A Lightbulb Moment

For utilities to incentivize the installation of the most energy efficient systems, they need to understand the different technologies.

Looking Forward by Looking Back

Customer experience is all about maximizing the value of utility customer service. Getting this right is foundational to establishing long-term customer trust and value, which leads to customer engagement

Cyber Phishing

The continued use of phishing, whether sent via email or text, indicates that hackers are continuing to choose this attack vector because of its low risk, high reward. Fortunately, a unique fix to this complicated problem has recently emerged–the adoption of secure messaging platforms.

Above and Beyond

There are many applications that are suited for unmanned aerial systems and as the technology and regulations continue to evolve, more capabilities will be realized. FAA regulations currently allow only visual line of sight flights, but many groups are exploring beyond visual line of sight applications for future implementation.

Voltage Analytics

Long-term, the commitment to ongoing surveillance of voltage dynamics will prevent the ticking time bomb of undetected meter bypasses after power thieves have vacated the premises.

Sustain and Adapt: Stories that Work

Smaller companies often find a niche and ultimately grow (in size of experience) from the embracing the changes evident in the distributed generation, storage and efficiency sectors.