Illinois Power Focuses on Information Sharing

Illinois Power provides electric power generation, transmission and distribution services to more than 500,000 customers in southern Illinois. This business is changing rapidly due to deregulation and increased competition. To prosper in this emerging environment, Illinois Power wants to build competitive advantage through flexible, high-quality processes that deliver and share information. Specifically, the company wants to become more customer-focused and enhance the speed and quality of its c

GIS Brings SCE&G to the Technological Forefront

Utilities these days have some tough facts to face. Deregulation, already beginning to take shape in California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and a few other states, is an idea soon to become a reality across the country. And it will change everything we know about today`s $210 billion retail electric utility market.

Outsourcing Helps Utilities Grow and Prosper

Outsourcing, once a code word for "downsizing" in major corporations, is quickly becoming a strategic tool for sustained corporate growth and stability in companies of all sizes. An increasing number of companies nationwide, including utilities, are establishing strategic alliances and partnerships with external contracting companies to get specialized expertise that is either unavailable or over-committed in-house. This article examines ways to maximize this resource and establish the most prod

DistribuTECH Focuses on the Future

The utility industry`s leading symposium on utility automation, DistribuTECH `98, recently concluded with thousands of delegates departing Tampa with the most current information about the emerging trends in the industry. Now in its eighth year, the conference continues to draw a record number of exhibitors. This year over 250 leading-edge companies demonstrated their products and services to the movers and the shakers of the utility industry.

Tapping the Engineering Continuum

Neither City Public Service (CPS) of San Antonio nor Maryland-based Potomac Electric Power Co. (PEPCO) has time for problems right now--what they need are solutions. Their industries--gas and electric utility services--are facing an unprecedented paradigm shift, as deregulation puts a new spin on old monopolies and forces utilities to redefine the way they do business.

FirstEnergy Gears Up for Competition

FirstEnergy is in the midst of a revolution that centers on a new breed of AM/FM system, one that ties in with other corporate information systems to eliminate redundant work and produce benefits across many departments. The automation process began with smarter mapping in the design departments. It then spread to customer information systems and work management. So far, the savings have been dramatic, and the company hopes to expand the program even further.

Californias PG&E Looks to Estimating Department for Efficiency

In the late 1980s, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) saw the writing on the wall. With more than 94,000 square miles of service territory, PG&E began to mobilize for the day when competition would inevitably come to the electric industry.

New Protocol Optimizes Substation Automation

Better customer service is the ultimate goal of utility automation projects. Preventing power disturbances before they occur and pinpointing trouble spots for fast repair are now within the grasp of utilities due to the development of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs). But getting these devices to talk and work together has hampered the effectiveness of many utility automation efforts.

Security Tool Kit

SISCO has released an electrical utility data security module for its MMS-EASE application program interface. It conforms to international standards for the OSI security framework, and supports encryption schemes based on a variety of widely available key mechanisms. The Security Tool Kit provides application interfaces for both authentication and encryption/decryption software. It will accommodate most public key encryption methods and exportable Data Encryption Standard implementations. Once i

Video Display System

The Mauell EQ2052-S video display offers enhanced resolution and clarity of information, while providing unparalleled brightness. Mauell`s new video cubes improve resolution by 25 percent and allow smaller fonts and more detail to be shown with improved brightness. The video cubes` compact, flexible design enables users to stack and configure the cubes to individual requirements by adapting and maximizing screen configurations for optimum information display. Video screens can be as close as 36