Electronic Electric Meter

The Innovatec Electronic Electric Meter is a fully functional, self-contained electric meter and two-way communications device, which conforms to all of the emerging metering standards. Utility PIN numbers, meter settings and readings, unit of measure and alarm set-points are all programmable. The meter data and information are processed and stored at the meter and only summarized usage information is transmitted to the utility via the Gateway node.

Lithium Replacement Battery

Tadiran`s replacement lithium thionyl-chloride battery (TL4903/A) for Itron AMR devices offers a maximum service life of up to 20 years. It comes with a wiring harness and connector compatible with Itron ERTs found in gas and water utility meters. The ISO 9001 certified battery comes with a 10 year warranty and is hermetically sealed to protect against leakage.

Control Room Display

Mauell`s DLV 1280 projector use reflective digital light valve technology to give 1280 x 1024 resolution with three times the brightness of a CRT projector. The projectors feature xenon lamps and a system for near perfect color and brightness matching of multiple screens throughout the life of the lamps. Its Electrohome screen controllers allow almost unlimited flexibility to show video, computer generated graphics, or system or one line diagrams across as many as 84 screens.

Internet Weather Information

Weather Services International has opened an Internet weather information web site for utility operational decision making. ENERGYcast offers real-time and forecast weather information in six categories--radar and satellite, sky and weather, temperature, precipitation, historical and cities. ENERGYcast is customized for each utility, including the utility logo, and acts as the utility`s own Internet page. The site can be toured at www.ENERGYcast.wsicorp.com.

Trouble Order System Improves Utilitys Service

Eastern Utilities Associates (EUA), serving more than 300,000 customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, needed to improve the availability of power outage information to its customer information services (CIS). EUA executives realized this need existed six years ago; however, EUA`s outage response system was outdated and lacked the graphical capabilities needed to locate problems quickly and provide timely feedback to affected customers.

Manitoba Hydro Benefits from Mapping Solution Partnership

When Manitoba Hydro decided it wanted to improve its routine maintenance and emergency service programs, the utility realized that the project would require a radical overhaul of its GIS. The utility began working with Kanotech Information Systems Ltd., an Edmonton, Alberta-based consulting firm, and Autodesk Inc., a software company, to devise a unique mapping program that combined Kanotech`s GIS software with Autodesk`s AutoCAD software.

Power Flow Electronics Help Solve Transmission Line Load Problems

Much of North America`s current interconnected power grid was designed and built in the 1950s and 1960s. While these transmission systems were more than adequate at that time, today`s demands and requirements are much larger and more complicated. As a result, the nation`s power grid is now expected to perform functions that were not anticipated when it was designed.

Automatic Meter Reading Offers Expanded Services

Even though automatic meter reading (AMR) technology has been around for numerous years, it is slowly being tested and installed throughout the United States. Utilities have been slow to implement the technology based on several reasonable concerns: technology is still changing, deregulation is unstable and costs are still high.

Meter Reading Technology Makes Submetering Practical, Attractive

Thanks to today`s technology, reading meters is becoming easier, quicker and in many cases, cheaper. Utilities, cooperatives and municipalities have long been interested in improving their meter reading processes and strategies. However, these traditional entities are not the only ones interested in metering technology. Many owners and managers of large residential and commercial buildings, as well as established meter reading companies, are also looking for technology that can be used in submet

Managing by Markets: Bringing Intuition to Fruition

As the utility industry moves further into a deregulated and re-regulated environment, new challenges are presented. Not the least of these challenges is maintaining profitability while competitors try to acquire utilities` most lucrative customers. This makes it essential for utilities to know their customers.