Meter Reading & Management Software

Sensus Technologies Inc. has released a 32-bit operating software package that will replace the company`s current DOS based meter reading and management software. AutoRead98 operates under the Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0 operating systems and provides compatibility for future 32-bit systems. It features a PC based platform for configuring, coordinating and managing a utility`s meter reading route data and related functions.

Volt VIEWtech Establishes Billing Service Bureau

Volt VIEWtech Inc. is using a customer information management and billing software system from Dynasty Software Inc. to help small municipal governments not only provide power to their residents, but to distinguish their power with innovative services that are equal to or better than large, investor-owned utilities.

Troubleshooting CD-ROM

Tel-A-Train has released Troubleshooting Electrical Substations, an interactive CD-ROM created to provide realistic training in substation maintenance and operations. The program provides a virtual environment in which the skills required to work in electrical substations can be taught, demonstrated and practiced. It includes many of the components and tools common to most substations.

AMR Cellular Modem

The Omega AMR Communication Interface Cabinet is a single modem for connection to several power revenue meters at commercial and industrial sites. It integrates a cellular transceiver, a V.32bis modem module, an 8-port modem sharing unit and an isolated power supply with battery backup. A line-sharing module is also available for meter reading over customer-shared lines. The Omega is able to detect a power outage at any of the connected meters, and initiate a call to report the outage.

Interactive Visual Communicator

The Kenwood Communications RadCam is designed for plug-and-play color slow-scan television (SSTV) using a single connection to a Kenwood handheld transceiver. Each RadCam sends photographs, virtually in real-time, using radio signals, from one RadCam to another. Images can be stored (10 image memory) for later transmission or reference. It will work with a PC through the RS-232 port using the optional connection kit. The 1.8 inch TFT-type color display captures crisp and clear images and the 360

Remote Monitoring System

The Messenger 57010, a special 10th anniversary model from Dancer Communications, is designed to track and report on conditions at multiple remote, unattended or inaccessible locations. It offers universal communications capabilities, advanced voice management, internal 33.6 Kbps

Customer Information Systems–Whats Needed, Whats Available?

Within today`s rapidly changing environment, utilities are recognizing the necessity and importance of serving their customers. In this light, the utility`s number one resource has become the staff member who interacts directly with the customer. It is this staff member who must embrace the customer and provide exceptional levels of caring customer service. To obtain this service level, utilities must provide their staffs with the appropriate organizational structure, human resource environment

E-Commerce Strategy: An Essential Element in World Class Utility Operations

Thanks to growing acceptance of the Internet, customer care is evolving at a fast pace. With 10 percent of Americans buying goods or services via electronic commerce today--a number that is expected to grow significantly--E-Commerce is a strategy that commands serious attention. As the largest consumer-serving industry, utilities have a number of incentives to implement E-Commerce, including customer demand, the growing importance of customer service in a deregulated environment and new technica

Communication Key to Outsourcing Success

If there was one phrase in late 1994 at South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCE&G), that could be counted on to raise the blood pressure of information technology (IT) managers, it was "Offshore Programming." Few SCE&G managers could have imagined that, nearly four years later, offshore programming would become one of the strategic mainstays of their company`s overall IT program or that they would have in place a complex methodology to support clear communication with India. They would have found it

Load Estimation and Reallocation Enables Competition in New England

As deregulation of the electric utility industry proceeds across the United States, a broad range of challenges face today`s utilities. The realities of competition are new to formerly regulated businesses and with that reality comes the need to streamline processes and increase operating efficiencies. Gone are the days when rate increases were practically pro forma and could be structured to cover new projects and new technologies. The need for information is paramount--especially information a