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Expanded DistribuTECH 99 Offers Something for Everyone

DistribuTECH `99, to be held Feb. 14-18 in San Diego, Calif., has expanded this year to offer something for anyone involved in the utility industry. With the rapidly changing utility market, DistribuTECH `99 will include additional tracks focusing on energy buying and selling, as well as the more traditional tracks geared towards information, automation and technology in the utility industry.

Internet Billing: Just a Click Away

Consumers are ready to receive and pay their bills on the Internet. The question for utility companies is, what is the best way to deliver those bills?

SCE&G Turns on the Power of Integrated Customer Service Delivery

The response to Hurricane Hugo, perhaps more than any other single event, best exemplifies South Carolina Electric & Gas` (SCE&G`s) story during its first 150 years. On the night of Sept. 21, 1989, the eye of this Category 4 storm came ashore at Charleston, S.C., where SCE&G, a major gas and electric utility in the southeastern United States and a SCANA Corp. company, began in 1846. With winds approaching 150 miles per hour, Hugo destroyed in hours an electric delivery system that took a hundred

Communicating with the Masses–Are Utilities Ready?

Surveys show a slow growth for utility web sites, but to be successful the sites need to be more interactive.

Managing the GPS/GIS Function in an Electric Utility

Anew period of higher significance has arrived for the GPS/GIS function at electric utilities. To a degree never equaled before, utility managers are looking to their GIS programs, filled with increasingly accurate data collected by GPS technology, before making many decisions. With this capability comes an expectation for GIS/GPS professionals to provide higher levels of planning and management of their data collection process. At Duke Power, managers rely on GPS mapping systems to fill their d

The Y2K Countdown Keeping the Lights On

The good news for electric utilities is Y2K impacts on electrical systems appear to be less than expected, according to the North American Reliability Council`s (NERC) first status report.

Intelligent Fiber Network Reduces Wind Energy Project Complexity and Increases Reliability

Utilities have long recognized the benefits of fiber-optic communication systems. In particular, fiber optics provide immunity from electrical interference caused by lightning and adjacent high-voltage power lines, and isolation that protects equipment and personnel against ground potential rise during faults.

Ontario Hydro Improves Customer Service With Automated Monitoring

With deregulation bringing uncertainty and change throughout the energy industry, flexible automated monitoring is giving Ontario Hydro a valuable competitive edge. Presently Ontario Hydro is successfully using automated monitoring to improve its customer services.

Fault Monitor and Control Unit

The Fisher Pierce Series 2700 SmartLink Fault Monitor and Control System incorporates both a radio receiver and transceiver. The receiver accepts fault messages from installed fault indicators fitted with low power unlicensed transmitters. The transceiver forwards fault information over the cellular network to the SmartLink Utility Control System. The control system maintains the alarm, maintenance and report database; provides polling and control of field installed units; maintains inventory of