Master Oscillators

Spectracom Corp.`s Ageless Master Oscillators, models 8195A and 8197, are GPS-based frequency references used in wide area simulcast and narrow band land mobile radio systems. Standard features include five 10 MHz frequency outputs, two 1PPS outputs and RS-232 and RS-485 communications ports. A CTCSS generator, available as an option, precisely aligns the sub-audible signals at different sites.

Design Software

Operation Technology Inc. (OTI) has released PowerStation 2.0 for use by electrical engineers in the design and analysis of electric power systems. OTI has added transient stability to the existing analysis modules of short circuit, load flow, motor starting, cable derating and protective device coordination. The transient stability analysis program is designed to investigate the stability limits of a power system before, during and after system changes or disturbances.

Four Pair Surge Protector

The Citel B480 telephone and data line surge protector is ideal to protect communication cables going from building to building. It comes in various voltages for telephone lines, RS232, RS422, RS485, T1, ISDN and OPXs. Input/output connections are made with screw terminals. The multistage circuitry of the B480 will isolate the cables from lightning surges and electrical storms. It is also designed to automatically reset after every strike.

Inventory Control

Future Horizons` Storz-PAC 3.0 warehouse and supply room inventory solution makes it possible for data to flow directly from a warehouse worker`s wireless, hand-held computer into an Oracle enterprise database. Storz-PAC`s purchasing-related functions have been upgraded, allowing purchase orders to be received on the shipping dock directly through Storz-PAC 3.0. Users can query open purchase orders for specific stock items found in Oracle Financials through the Storz-PAC software. The user can t

Deicing System

The Environmental Technology Inc. Safe Heat Deicing Systems are CSA certified and NRTL recognized. They employ high temperature Tefzel insulation for safety and long term reliability. Integral weather resistant connectors simplify heater installation and enhance safety. The systems feature automatic operation, built-in fault protection, ultra reliable heater technology and both deicing and anti-icing are available.

Fuse Tube Liner

The Multi-Wind liner material featured in the fuse tubes of S&C Type XS Fuse Cutouts provides equivalent or better interrupting performance and superior resistance to moisture than outdated arc-extinguishing "bone fiber" liners. It is made from a proprietary mixture of organic fibers, polymeric fillers, and thermosetting resin binders that are over-wrapped with a layer of filament-wound epoxy fiberglass. The two layers are cured as a single entity to eliminate the possibility of layer separatio

Call Center Technology Results in Significant Savings for PG&E

As the largest electric service supplier in California, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has a customer base of 4.4 million households and businesses distributed across 70,000 square miles. The utility`s Credit and Collections Center in Stockton, Calif., is staffed by more than 200 agents who must meet the daily challenge of growing competition and strict utility regulations. Faced with the rising cost of manpower, the utility needed to find a way to drive down the costs of complying with utility r

Ready or Not, Mobile Computing is a Competitive Advantage

Electric utilities are adapting to the new competitive marketplace by realizing two important factors: they have to provide more than electricity and they have to be responsive to their customers. The means to which they deliver electricity will remain relatively constant, but the way they respond to customers will change dramatically. As the utility industry is adapting to its new re-regulated environment, it is also finding new ways to deliver services to its customers. To be more competitive

NO MIRAGE: Utilities Find FERC Relief in OASIS

"The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced recently the addition of a Phase 1B requirement to OASIS, the real-time information network being established to operate in the wholesale electricity market."

Save Money, Satisfy Customers with Internet Bill Delivery and Payment

Keeping customers happy while controlling costs remains a top concern for utilities facing the complex implications of deregulation. With utilities looking into ways to extend new services to their customers, new technologies such as those spurring the growth of the Internet offer real promise.