Power Monitor

Power Measure-ment has added an internal modem option to its 7330 ION revenue-accurate, three-phase power meter. By having the modem built-in to the meter, power quality and load research departments can cost-effectively communicate with each remote site without having to buy and install an external modem and converter for each meter. The modem supports DNP 3.0, Modbus and Power Measurement`s ION protocols providing seamless connection to power monitoring and control software, SCADA, energy mana

Making the Transition

Early last year as PECO Energy executives weighed becoming one of the nation`s first utilities to test electronic bill delivery and payment (EBDP), the potential benefits were clear. EBDP promised to:

Network Transducer

Designed specifically to exploit advances in local and wide area networks, the Bitronics network transducer can communicate using UCA2-compliant protocols and high-speed Ethernet. The network transducer is the first instrument in the PowerServe family of electric measurement systems for substation applications. The PowerServe system has 12 independent, isolated analog inputs and utilizes a modular chassis based on the Compact PCI bus. The modular design allows various communication outputs and o


The ReFLEX chipset and software enables personal wireless communication and telemetry applications to be integrated into computers, consumer devices and industrial equipment. The technology includes a chipset that consists of two subsystems: a single chip ReFLEX Codec (encoder/decoder) that integrates hardware and software and a complete RF chipset that implements the transceiver (transmitter/receiver) subsystem.

Low Profile Antenna

The MAXRAD low profile vertical antenna series consists of two models capable of covering frequencies from 806 MHz to 960 MHz and 1,700 MHz to 2,500 MHz. A 3/4-inch hole mount mechanism makes installation into an existing mount and/or replacement of existing antennas simple and economical. The antennas provide superior performance to a quarter wave over a ground plane, without the need for tuning.

Transfer Switch

The FasTran 25 High-Speed transfer switch offers SuperSwitch control technology to transfer power from a lost or inadequate power source to an alternate power source in 25 ms. If a voltage sag, transient or outage is detected, the FasTran 25 immediately transfers power to an alternate source being simultaneously monitored. Electric utility and industrial power users have full access to all system diagnostics and status information, as well as any real-time switch status and out-of-specification

Wireless SCADA System

The DAC9600 radio controlled single or multi-site addressable RTU, features a robust wireless protocol for applications requiring polling of remote transducers, or status monitoring and control. It is comprised of the RF9600 radio modem which can be integrated with up to eight stackable I/O modules of same or different functions depending on the application.

BGE Combats Vegetation With Mobile Computers

A tangle of brush and tall tree limbs greets the Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) forestry contract crew as it arrives to clear a suburban right-a-way. The crew is fully prepared to deal with this situation, thanks to information provided through lightweight mobile computing equipment.

Geospatial Data Through Cyberspace: The “Most Elegant Invention” Proves Valuable to Utilities

The Internet was one of the greatest spin-off products of the Cold War. If the Internet had been invented for the purposes we are using it today, instead of as a means of secure communications during times of war, it never would have been designed this way. However, the technology was well established before the most compelling civilian applications had been envisioned. None the less, this medium has developed into one of the 20th Century`s most elegant and useful inventions, especially for uti

DistribuTECH 99 Provides Key to the Millennium

Over 4,000 utility leaders recently experienced the excitement, education and networking at DistribuTECH `99, the world`s leading symposium on information technology, utility automation, and energy buying and selling. The symposium, held this past February in San Diego, included more than 144 hours of education, including sessions on distribution technology/SCADA, substation automation, metering issues, communications technology, information technology, customer service via new technologies, GIS