BGE Combats Vegetation With Mobile Computers

A tangle of brush and tall tree limbs greets the Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) forestry contract crew as it arrives to clear a suburban right-a-way. The crew is fully prepared to deal with this situation, thanks to information provided through lightweight mobile computing equipment.

Geospatial Data Through Cyberspace: The “Most Elegant Invention” Proves Valuable to Utilities

The Internet was one of the greatest spin-off products of the Cold War. If the Internet had been invented for the purposes we are using it today, instead of as a means of secure communications during times of war, it never would have been designed this way. However, the technology was well established before the most compelling civilian applications had been envisioned. None the less, this medium has developed into one of the 20th Century`s most elegant and useful inventions, especially for uti

DistribuTECH 99 Provides Key to the Millennium

Over 4,000 utility leaders recently experienced the excitement, education and networking at DistribuTECH `99, the world`s leading symposium on information technology, utility automation, and energy buying and selling. The symposium, held this past February in San Diego, included more than 144 hours of education, including sessions on distribution technology/SCADA, substation automation, metering issues, communications technology, information technology, customer service via new technologies, GIS

Distribution Automation: How Will It Fit Into a Changing Industry?

Even though some great technology strides have been made in recent years, convincing today`s utility management to spend money on distribution systems is becoming harder and harder. According to Kay Clinard, a principal consultant with KEMA Consulting Co., and John Redmon, Public Service Electric and Gas Co. and IEEE`s distribution automation working group chairman, the distribution automation industry does not need any new technology breakthroughs to prosper. "The technology is here," said Clin