Communications Network Management Opens Doors of Opportunity

The communications infrastructure for a utility is one of the most important elements to ensure reliable electricity service to its customers. The ability to communicate between offices and for substations to be monitored, with all the elements communicating together, is necessary in order to have an effective communications network. The management of such a system will provide monitoring, control, diagnostics and network configuration and reconfiguration capabilities. It will also provide the o

ERP Software Packages May Not Fit the Business Strategy

ERP packages are still developing in front office functionality, particularly in customer care. Those who buy now may have regrets down the road when they see what`s available later.

Utilities Need Advanced CIS-Enabled Call Centers

Deregulation first started transforming the telecommunications world in the long distance wars of 1984, and now it is changing the utility industry`s landscape. Utilities that do not take appropriate measures to hold onto their high-value customers run a high risk of losing millions of dollars to new competitors in deregulated markets. Wholesalers, larger utilities, aggregators and other opportunistic enterprises will soon be trying to "cherry pick" smaller utilities` high-value commercial and r

NEES Enhances Customer Service with New Archiving, Viewing System

Changes in utility regulations are rapidly spreading throughout New England. Part of Massachusetts` Open Access legislation requires more definition of charges on consumer bills, meaning that already taxed customer service representatives (CSRs) will most likely be receiving even more calls. New England Electric Services (NEES) is not only preparing for these sweeping changes, but planning to improve customer service at the same time.

AMR Transmitter

The External Turtle transmitter fits inside most meters and can also be externally mounted to provide automatic meter reading. The transmitter provides utilities with power consumption information by measuring the pulse-initiator output signal from a meter with KYZ switch closures. Each device transmits continuously over existing power lines to provide such information as kWh, minimum or peak demand and time of demand. It is available in either outage count or load sense models.

Home Telemetry Gateway

The Coactive Connector 2010 delivers flexible access to home control systems over Internet protocol communications channels including shared phone line, cable modem and DSL. By providing open network connectivity both in the home and in external access, it enables power, cable, telecommunications and other utilities to establish a communications infrastructure which supports multiple home telemetry services such as AMR, DSM, home security, appliance monitoring, personal monitoring for the elderl

Communication Interface Device

Meter Devices` communication interface device (CID) provides an interface between the utility meter and customer-owned equipment. The solid-state CID provides transient voltage suppression and current limiting to both telephone and KYZ interfaces. This eliminates expensive, redundant metering as well as many electrical code, security and ownership issues of unbundled metering.

Solar Powered Data Logger

The ATS-8P Data Logger offers up to four analog channels of electronic data logging with capacity to store up to 13,000 records. It comes with a Windows based data retrieval support program. Standard units are equipped with one or two pressure transducers which are deployed for monitoring gas pressure on natural gas distribution systems. Other types of transducers can easily be interfaced. Extremely low power consumption enables the ATS-8P to operate for years powered by a small integral solar c

Management Software

The Asset and Maintenance Management System (AMMS) is a comprehensive and versatile client/server system for use by maintenance personnel. The software is delivered over an Internet/intranet interface, providing field technicians and engineers with reliable, accurate and timely information. The software was designed with the power utility in mind, addressing maintenance devices, their location, descriptions, calculated field settings and more. The AMMS system is based on an open and flexible arc

Transformer Monitor

The Transformer Guardian--Advantage series consists of three models, Advantage, Advantage CT and Advantage EX. The transformer monitors replace all existing mechanical temperature gauges and uses existing wiring. All Transformer Guardian--Advantage series models are configurable with up to six output form "A" relays for cooling control, SCADA analog output (0-1 or 4/20 mADC), SCADA digital output (RS232/422/485), peak reading, sensor failure indication and alarm, valid signal relay, field config