Privatization Proposals to Benefit Mexicos Electric Industry

Recently proposed Mexican electricity sector reforms are potentially positive to industry fundamentals, defining the country`s efficiency, competitiveness and business risk, according to Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co. (DCR). In an effort to increase Mexico`s electricity supply and modernize its transmission and distribution systems, President Ernesto Zedillo is seeking to expand the role of the private sector and reorganize state-owned utilities. An independent system operator and power pool wo

Utilities Wireless Communications Options Expanding

Individual utility companies have been the sole providers of electricity to commercial, industrial and residential customers for many years. This regulated approach assured that everyone would have reliable, uninterrupted power regardless of the provider.

CEO Tells Congress Technology Will Enhance Grid

American Superconductor CEO Greg Yurek called on Congress to enact legislation to promote reinvestment in advanced technologies that will strengthen the nation`s electric power grid and support competitive reforms.

Utility Resource Maintenance

Convergent Group has announced its Configurable Solution for Utility Resource Maintenance. Designed for utilities, it is a working solution for facility and land records maintenance that can be installed in an average of 60 to 90 days. It claims to offer a significant reduction in the amount of time typically required to implement a technology-based package of this nature. The package includes Arc Facilities Manager and Arc SDE software from ESRI, Kayak PC Workstations from HP and configuration


GN Netcom Inc. has introduced the Profile SureFit, a custom fit telephone headset for on-the-ear users. The earhook secures the headset speaker and microphone on the ear, eliminating the need for a headband. A pliable composite material enables the users to easily shape the earhook to allow a custom fit. It is designed for call center and professional telephone headset use.

Mobile Workstation

The X-C 6250 Pro features a fully weatherized universal serial bus (USB) port that allows field technicians to attach peripheral devices without having to open the PC card and compromise the seal of the unit. The computer also features a Colorvue screen, efficient power management and a Nitevue low light keyboard.

DNP 3.0 Protocol Support

Power Measurement Ltd. has added DNP 3.0 communications protocol support to its 7700 ION and 7330 ION 3-phase power meters as a standard feature. DNP protocol can be used over any RS232 or RS485 port on either meter. In addition, the internal modem option and front optical port of the 7330 ION model fully support DNP communication.

Ethernet Based Monitoring

Electro Industries has released the Power System Supervisor 2.0. This Ethernet based power monitoring system displays and stores all data collected from EIG Futura+ Power Quality monitors using existing Ethernet infrastructure. Based on peer to peer TCP/IP architecture, PSS provides an ultra fast system response while using virtually no network resources.

ComEd Finds Unique Way to Boost Power into Substations

As the mercury rises in the thermometer, carrying with it the playful, light-hearted spirits of those struck by spring fever, electric utility planners recognize its pragmatic significance--here comes the cooling season.

Communication Protocol Gains Worldwide Acceptance

The worldwide acceptance of a "next generation" universal communications standard is an initiative that is coming none too soon for many utilities, as economic, political and technological forces converge to place increasing pressure on the industry to provide more open, cost-effective solutions. In order to achieve those productivity gains, it has been imperative to find a means to agree upon open communication standards.